How The Right Systems Make You Safer, Smarter, Better

How The Right Systems Make You Safer, Smarter, Better

At Vector Solutions, we’re on a mission: to keep people safe. We serve everyday heroes by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower them to make safer, smarter, and better decisions. We believe passionately in providing critical knowledge, when, where and how they need it, and we have seen the impact that the efficient delivery and seamless availability of information and training has on an organization’s resilience during unexpected circumstances – and, particularly, on the safety of their team members. That’s why everything we do – from learning to workforce management to risk reduction and beyond – is done to elevate the safety and success of our clients and the communities they serve.

Along the way, we’ve learned a lot about the connection between technology and our ability to respond optimally to the situations we face at work and in school. Here are some of our top tips for harnessing the power of the right systems to make you safer, smarter and better.

4 Ways Connecting Content & Technology Helps Keep Us Safe

  1. Safety and Risk Mitigation
    At Vector, we’ve been committed to helping schools and workplaces reduce risk and promote safety for a long time, but the challenges of 2020 created a new set of obstacles for communities, organizations, and individuals.Vector LiveSafe, our risk intelligence and safety management platform, helps prevent serious incidents by providing early warning insights. The ability to act quickly and proactively helps organizations mitigate risk, reduce financial loss and, most importantly, makes it safer for people to work, learn, and live. We saw this firsthand in 2020 as businesses and organizations used Vector LiveSafe to prepare for and respond to safety challenges during times of social and political unrest. Utilized by a broad range of sector, including commercial enterprises, schools, government agencies, and more, the platform provides specific and tactical support during an event or gathering, including:

    • Sending broadcast messages to communicate clear, timely, and accurate information to employees and staff
    • Using geofencing to provide targeted messages to their workforce based on geographic location
    • Anonymously reporting incidents and suspicious behavior using a tip reporting system
    • Using valuable insights to increase preparedness and lower response times
    • Evaluating existing protocols and procedures to determine if they can be updated to improve operations

    As COVID-19 regulations and rules begin to loosen, many businesses, schools, frontline workers and other organizations are turning to Vector WorkSafe, the dynamic back-to-work product that enables users to detect potential COVID-19 infections, prevent outbreaks, and reduce legal liability, while maintaining the privacy and security of employee information.

  2. Operational Readiness
    As the world evolves, so too must businesses and organizations as they face new technologies, complicated compliance regulations, and more challenging workplaces and environments that can affect operational readiness. Operational readiness is more complex now than it has ever been before, and something as simple as finding you are out of compliance or missing a certification can result in an interruption to your operations and even legal issues or penalties. Harnessing the power of a proven platform or program can keep you ahead of the curve, preventing serious safety incidents and providing a better way to train staff on key safety and compliance topics. Solutions like Vector Check It and Vector SDS & Chemical Management to help stay ahead of possible pitfalls that can disrupt your business, including:

    • Streamlining routine checks for equipment, including vehicles, tools and machinery
    • Ensuring resources remain functional and in compliance
    • Sending push notifications to alert users that they may need a repair or maintenance
    • Facilitating anonymous tip reporting
    • Tracking incidents through resolution and providing seamless, mobile access to data
    • Handling scheduling with intelligent rules to eliminate complexity, confusion and conflict
  3. Learning and Training
    That brings us to learning and training – one of our favorite subjects and one that is directly tied to becoming safer, smarter and better. Why? Because the more trained your workforce is, the more prepared they will be long before an incident could take place. Our products Vector Perform and Vector Assessment, and industry-specific course libraries can support your efforts and make them more impactful by:

    • Providing relevant, updated training and information for your workforce
    • Training your teams on information that is specific to your industry and organization
    • Navigating through changing regulations and expectations from governing agencies
    • Assigning and tracking completion of courses
    • Managing credentials
    • Tracking and reporting on learning goals
  4. Workforce Management and Communication
    Workforce management is always a crucial component to operational readiness and risk mitigation, but it is even more so as we navigate through a global pandemic. Organizations of every size can benefit from a workforce management solution to enhance their scheduling, compliance, maintenance, payroll, performance review, career development, and more. Rather than siloing these areas out into separate products, with separate costs and subscriptions, a comprehensive workforce management platform, like Vector Scheduling (CrewSense), provides a single source of truth for your organization with benefits like:

    • Keeping data secure and centralized
    • Maintaining records needed to meet compliance
    • Proactively making and adjusting schedules with a margin for unexpected events so employees can plan ahead
    • Incorporating AI to forecast staffing requirements like scheduling and compensation
    • Adapting to changes in your industry and growing with your organization
    • Communicating seamlessly with your workforce

Are You Ready For What's Next?

Now, more than ever, we know that we can’t always predict what’s around the corner. Luckily, with intelligent systems and solutions, we can prepare ourselves to the best of our ability, protecting our organizations and, most importantly, keeping our people safe as they work, learn, and live. By investing in the right technology, we can feel confident that we’re trained, compliant and operationally ready to navigate through the uncharted waters of 2021 and beyond. If you’re ready to ensure your organization is resilient in the days ahead, we’re here to help.

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