Meeting Law Enforcement’s Training Needs | Whitepaper Highlight

Meeting Law Enforcement’s Training Needs | Whitepaper Highlight

Providing officers with ongoing training should be an essential component of any law enforcement agency, regardless of budgetary, staffing, resources, or cultural constraints. Fortunately, there are a wide array of training options that can meet any department's requirements.

In this overview, we take a look at the main topics detailed in this whitepaper for law enforcement agencies on meeting today's police training needs.

Why Practice Makes Perfect

Reinforcing mission-critical skills with ongoing training enables officers to repeatedly practice essential and special exercises to improve or maintain performance and proficiency. The rise in multi-million dollar settlements and law enforcement scrutiny around officer training shines a spotlight on the importance of investing in training that meets today's policing needs. Crucial training, which is often overlooked, is mainly due to one of the following three reasons:

three police officer training challenges

Can your department afford not to invest in a best-in-class training program?

Training For Life

Policing is an ever-evolving profession that requires ongoing training to keep up with changing conditions. Put these training tips into action at your department to help foster officer buy-in of ongoing training:

  • Emphasize the importance of training and accountability from the academy to retirement.
  • Clearly explain the reasons behind any training exercise to keep officers involved and engaged.
  • Take advantage of unexpected training opportunities (mentoring, lecture, roll-call).

Training For The Real World

Develop your FTO program to reflect real-world scenarios your officers face over theoretical situations to reinforce skillsets that will help your officers make better decisions in the field, including:

  • Make training situations as real as possible without overdoing it.
  • Let officers make mistakes in training.
  • Involve all the senses (smell of smoke, sight of strobing lights, sound of alarms) to help officers understand how to manage multiple sensory stressors better.

See how Vector Solutions' FTO Solution for Law Enforcement can help.

Training Technology For Better Outcomes

Supplementing classroom training with online training, like Vector Solutions' 250+ law enforcement training courses available on the Vector LMS training platform, allows officers to learn at their own pace without compromising coverage or complicating scheduling.

The right training technology can help take officer training to the next level, enabling your department to:

  • improve comprehension and retention with self-paced online learning, activities, and tests
  • increase accountability with completion status insights
  • better prepare officers for live drills with pre-learning

And as technology continues to evolve, systems like computer simulators and virtual reality also become more accessible for departments to incorporate into their training program.

Training Best Practices

Read the whitepaper to get the details behind five of the most relevant training best practices for today's law enforcement agencies:

  • Update the methodology
  • Complete the scenario
  • Teach communication skills
  • Teach decision-making skills
  • Be creative

Key Considerations For Selecting the Right Training Program

It's not about finding the "best" training option but the right training option for your department's unique needs. Keep these considerations in mind when choosing a training program for your department:

  • Use rationale and facts to guide your decision-making process, like reviewing testimonials or requesting a demo to see the technology in action.
  • Think about the relevance, effectiveness, realism, and other important quality factors as well as the budget.
  • Consider a combined approach (online, classroom, realistic drills).

Officers can never have enough relevant training. See how Vector Solutions' integrated technology can help law enforcement departments like yours meet today's training and FTO management needs.

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