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Mental Health Awareness Month 2024


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Free Mental Health Awareness Month Resources for Colleges and Universities

The mental health crisis remains a top priority for higher ed institutions. Colleges and universities are uniquely positioned to support students and continue to expand the mental health and well-being programs and supports for their campus community.

In honor of Mental Health Awareness Month this May, Vector Solutions is providing a variety of free, valuable resources to educators and administrators to support your student mental health initiatives this month and throughout the year. Check out some of our free resources below!


Guide | Promoting Student Mental Health and Well-Being by Jeffrey Selingo

An alarming number of students report struggles related to mental health, belonging and inclusion, substance misuse, and sexual violence. Authored by Jeffrey Selingo, this expert guide explains why institutions need to take a multifaceted approach to strengthening student mental health and well-being initiatives and explores the 9 principles of effective prevention programs.

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Guide | Supporting Student Mental Health on the College Campus

College is an exciting time for students. It’s also a time of great transition which, for some, can lead to stress, anxiety, or depression. The college years are a time when many students experience their first signs of mental health problems. In a Vector Solutions webinar, “Understanding and Addressing Mental Health in College Student Populations” Dr. Sarah Ketchen Lipson, Principal Investigator of the Healthy Minds Network, discussed the state of college students’ mental health, and what colleges and universities can do to help both students and faculty address this critical issue.

Vector Solutions summarizes some of Dr. Lipson’s key points in the guide: Supporting Student Mental Health on the College Campus.

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Case Study | Roger Williams University Partners with Vector Solutions to Support Student Mental Well-Being

Stress and anxiety among college students is on the rise nationwide and Roger Williams University was seeing the need for support skyrocket on its campus. Find out more about what Roger Williams University is doing to support their students.

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National Insights Report | Mental Well-Being

Vector Solutions Campus Prevention Network comprises 2,000+ colleges and universities reaching 10M students, staff, and faculty every year with online prevention programs, creating an unparalleled data set on campus safety, well-being, and inclusion. This report surfaces key insights from this data on the critical issues of mental health to inform and shape comprehensive prevention strategies on campus, allow administrators to benchmark institutional progress, and inspire innovation that may usher forth a brighter future for all students.

Webinar | Mental Health and Sexual Respect: Addressing Common Protective and Risk Factors for Student Athletes

Mental health and sexual respect represent two key topics of interest in working with our partners in athletics. In taking a systems approach to working with the student-athlete population, institutions can increase the efficacy of their work by using a strengths-based approach in leveraging protective factors of student-athletes while also working to reduce risk factors.

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Equip students with essential concepts and strategies to maintain optimal mental health and well-being. Our Wellness and Safety library prepares students to navigate the stress and challenges of the college experience safely.

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