TargetSolutions Releases All-New Calibre Press Training Courses


TargetSolutions has released seven new video-based training courses created in partnership with Calibre Press for law enforcement professionals.

TargetSolutions and Calibre Press, known for its educational law enforcement content and “Street Survival” seminar series, have joined forces! Through this exciting partnership, law enforcement agencies can now access the most dynamic and informative training courses ever created for law enforcement agencies through public safety’s most trusted learning management system.

Courses created in conjunction with Calibre Press are being released in bundles, starting with these seven new titles.

Newly Released Calibre Press Courses

New courses from Calibre Press are led by some of the most respected voices in law enforcement training with 100 percent video-based lessons and an on-screen instructor. Each course covers a highly requested and sought-after topic and includes real-life situations by using body cam footage for learning opportunities.

Courses included in this round of releases include:

The Essential Component of De-Escalation and Conflict Resolution covers the essentials of de-escalation and conflict resolution with an emphasis on effective communication skills.

Truths of Human Interaction describes human interactions and the importance of understanding of what these interactions mean and how to avoid critical mistakes.

Interaction Principles for De-Escalation Success gives an overview of the interaction skills needed by law enforcement professionals to de-escalate situations with the seven principles of interaction, de-escalation and conflict stages and more.

Body Language: Reading People 101 describes the six main non-verbals used by law enforcement professionals to determine underlying messages and unconscious communication.

Body Language: Reading People 201 reviews all types of unconscious communication for law enforcement professionals to be aware of subtle changes in behaviour and body language.

Body Language: Analysis of Deceptive Behavior provides an overview of the indicators of deceptive behaviour and techniques to determine truthfulness.

Body Language: Analysis of Pre-Attack Indicators reviews indicators of attach and methods to determine potentially dangerous human behaviors through body language, verbal threats and unconscious indexing.

Benefits of Calibre Press Training with TargetSolutions

These essential courses by Calibre Press will help your law enforcement agency gain crucial knowledge and skills to create a safer community. This round of courses emphasize the importance of understanding body language and other communicative behaviors to avoid conflict and ensure safety.

Utilizing TargetSolutions to provide this training to your agency gives you the tools to deliver, track and report essential training in one, centralized location. Personnel can take these courses anytime, anywhere using any web-enabled device – meaning less classroom time and reduction of overtime costs.

Additionally, as these online courses are available 24/7, law enforcement professionals can refer back to their training as needed…helping them perform more effectively in the field and potentially save lives.

For questions about TargetSolutions’ all-new law enforcement training courses through Calibre Press, please read this article or contact us today!

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