New Courses Released: Online Lean Manufacturing Training Courses Available

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We’re a little late in announcing this–apologies for that!–but earlier this year we released an entire series of online training courses on the basics of Lean Manufacturing.

These courses cover all the basics–we’ll include a full course-title list below along with course descriptions–and are part of our larger online training library for continuous improvement.

The courses are all made in our famous and award-winning multimedia video production style, which of course includes 2D- and 3D-animations. Check out a quick sample from our Lean Manufacturing highlight video, below.

Read on to learn more about the specific new courses in our Lean Manufacturing series.

Titles In Our New Lean Manufacturing Online Training Course Series

Here’s a list of the new courses along with descriptions and links you can click to see preview videos and purchase or license the courses.

Lean Manufacturing – Continuous Improvement and the PDCA Cycle

Did you know the Plan-Do-Check-Act (or PDCA) cycle is the correct methodology to follow when solving problems and managing changes? The PDCA cycle is an ordered sequence of four stages, which will take a process condition from “problem-found” to “problem-solved.” This interactive online course provides an overview of the PDCA cycle used as a continual improvement procedure, promoting the dominion of the tools needed for solving problems and managing changes. This course will define the phases of PDCA, explain how to use it as a continual improvement procedure, and list the benefits of implementing PDCA into your processes.

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Lean Manufacturing – Determining Voice of the Customer

The Voice of the Customer (VoC) is a term used in business to describe customer’s expectations and requirements. It can also represent customer’s feedback about their experiences with, and expectations of, a rendered product or service. Others define it as the statement made by the customer about a product or service. This course discusses the importance of the Voice of the Customer to a business’s success and describes how to anticipate and meet customer needs and requirements once this data is captured.

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Lean Manufacturing – Kaizen

Did you know businesses are implementing Lean initiatives so they can remain market leaders? If a business is the market leader today, but fails to continually improve its products and services, eventually, a competitor will either make it quicker, better or cheaper, taking its customers away. To meet today’s challenges, businesses are continually seeking out methods to increase quality and reduce waste. Among the options, companies are improving their quality system, and implementing Lean initiatives and new processes at their facilities. Many companies are embracing the Kaizen structured approach to continually improve processes. This interactive online course will cover the continuous improvement process known as Kaizen. Kaizen measures improvement by working on an existing problem and following through with actions to correct it. It is not just a one-time event; it is a process that can occur every day.

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Lean Manufacturing – Kanban

Did you know the word “Kanban” is of Japanese origin and translates to “billboard” or “signboard”? It is one of the Lean methodologies used to reduce wastes, such as waiting, overstocking, overproduction, and excess motion in a production process. It ensures parts are finished exactly when they are planned to be without interruptions caused by a lack of raw materials. This interactive online course provides an overview of the Lean manufacturing tool Kanban. Kanban uses visual signals to communicate the need for raw materials or parts only when there is a demand for them. This ensures that you only produce what customers want when they want it.

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Lean Manufacturing – Poka-Yoke

This training course defines the manufacturing tool Poka-Yoke and provides approaches to the use of mistake-proofing devices as continual improvement initiatives to create a positive impact on the quality of your products so that you can meet specifications and make an impact on waste reduction.

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Lean Manufacturing – Pull Systems

This course will introduce you to a manufacturing principle that promotes the initiation of tasks, or utilization of components to meet actual demands, which in turn empowers companies to optimize resources and reduce waste. A pull system is contrary to a push system. While we’ll introduce and define the two theories, this course will focus on how to design and implement a pull system in your standard processes.

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Lean Manufacturing – Standardized Work

This training course provides an approach to managing documented instructions, known as standardized work. This lean manufacturing tool provides a clear communication of steps to be met when performing a job, allowing sustainability of continual improvements in the manufacturing setting.

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Lean Manufacturing – Value and Waste

Value represents the need of the customer, the voice of the customer. If companies don’t pay attention to value, they may end up with unhappy customers walking away from them, resulting in a low brand reputation. Lean thinking enables companies to understand what customers are willing to pay for. If it is of no value to customers, then it is considered waste. Waste consumes energy, money, and is of no value to the customer. This interactive online course provides an approach to how Value and Waste are perceived by customers and how to remove steps that do not create value, promoting only those activities that do provide value.

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Download our 7 Wastes of Lean infographic 

Download our 3 Wastes of Lean (Muda, Mura & Muri) Infographic

Lean Manufacturing – Value Stream Mapping

Have you ever heard of value stream mapping? Value stream mapping (V-S-M) is a Lean tool that allows you to create a visual representation, from order receipt through to the arrival of the product to the customer, without concentrating on the period of lead time taken up by manufacturing. In this interactive online course, we will review the concepts of value stream mapping, the steps in value stream mapping, and list the benefits of this useful tool.

View our Value Stream Mapping course

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Lean Manufacturing – Visual Management

Are you looking for a way to visually represent standards in your facility? Are the signs and charts you currently have posted efficiently managing a condition? In order to provide effective visual management, metrics and charts must represent accurate results in real-time. Visual management should provide an overview of status, or results with clear and evident data. This interactive course will introduce you to a manufacturing principle known as visual management, which provides a visual approach for communicating information.

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But What About 5S, You Ask?

Good question! We didn’t list our 5S training courses above because we’ve had a 5S online training course library for a while now. Here are the titles for you:

And don’t forget to:

Is There An “Intro” to Lean Course?

You bet–here’s our Essentials of Lean Manufacturing training course.

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Other Helpful Materials on Lean Manufacturing?

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