New POST Certified Course: Use of Force & De-escalation

New POST Certified Course: Use of Force & De-escalation

Newly available for law enforcement through Vector Solutions' Learning Management System (LMS) in partnership with PRISM: Use of Force and De-escalation. This online training course funded by the California Commission on Post, Distance Learning Grant Program (DLGP) is an introductory course for officers covering the fundamentals of de-escalation.

In this interactive 1-hour, self-paced course, law enforcement officers will be provided the knowledge and strategies to safely bring volatile situations involving persons in crisis to a non-violent conclusion with real-world scenarios and video-based instruction.

Complete this course to gain a deeper understanding of strategies and sound tactics that can reduce the need to use force and the likelihood of injury to the public and officers, including:

  • Recognizing the signs of crisis and potential underlying causes of crisis upon making initial contact with a subject.
  • Identifying your behaviors and traits that may enhance or hinder de-escalation.
  • Using verbal and non-verbal de-escalation strategies upon encountering a subject in crisis.
  • Identifying how policing tactics may impact the outcome of an interaction with a subject in crisis.

The course is California POST-certified and available at no cost during the grant period for personnel statewide with a POST ID.

Please click here to access this dynamic new course presented by PRISM.

Use of Force and De-escalation (DLGP) 1353-49500-20-245-365.

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