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October 25 2021

Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) Microlearning Training Library

Microlearning Courses Health, Safety & Environment Training Our best-in-class microlearning courses deliver just-in-time training designed to help you safeguard lives, when and where you need it. Vector Solutions’ microlearning courses are derived from our industry-leading Health, Safety and Environment Premium…

October 15 2021

What Is ADDIE? Infographic

What Is ADDIE? Infographic Learn what ADDIE is, why you should consider using it or a similar method, get a low-down on the five steps or phases, and learn some additional information about where ADDIE came from and whether or…

October 12 2021

OSHA’s Top Ten List, 2021

Another year, another NSC Congress & Expo, another revealing of the OSHA's Top Ten list for the previous OSHA fiscal year. On October 12, 2021, OSHA announced their list of the 10 most commonly cited safety and health standard violations…

October 6 2021

Using Microlearning at Work for Better Job Performance

If you’re involved in training or L&D, chances are good you’ve at least heard of microlearning. In fact, you may already be using it as part of the training program at your organization. On the other hand, maybe you’re still…

October 4 2021

3 Uses for Microlearning Infographic

3 Uses for Microlearning Infographic Download this helpful infographic for some useful information about microlearning and tips on how to use it. You'll learn what microlearning is, why it seems so popular these days, three ways to use it for…

October 1 2021

Federal Mandate on COVID Vaccinations at Work

As you may already know, the US federal government recently announced a new COVID vaccine mandate that will affect many workers. More recently, news has appeared that enforcement of the new mandate for federal workers will begin on November 9,…

September 30 2021

AEC Training Basics: An Introduction to the ADDIE Training…

The architecture, engineering & construction (AEC) industry, like many or most industries, has some folks within their L&D departments who are super-proficient in analysis, instructional design, training design development, classroom instructor-led training skills, and similar “training” basics, as well as…

September 22 2021

Recorded Webinar: Microlearning for Safety Training

RECORDED, ON-DEMAND WEBINAR Microlearning for Safety Training WATCH & LISTEN NOW! Recorded October 26, 2021 In this webinar, we'll discuss microlearning, give some examples of how you can use it for safety training, and introduce the new microlearning/safety training course…

September 16 2021

Webinar Recap: Lone Worker Safety Risks, Considerations & Solutions

On Thursday, September 9, 2021, Vector LiveSafe hosted a webinar titled Lone Worker Safety: Risks, Considerations & Solutions. View the On-Demand Webinar Alexandra Brunjes, Marketing Coordinator at Vector LiveSafe and the host of the Vector LiveSafe Webinar Series, discussed common…