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January 27 2023

Onboarding Trends: What’s Out? What’s In? What’s Next?

The pre-pandemic era is in the past and now various industries are faced with new challenges in the workforce. Many organizations have transformed their work environment and their hiring, onboarding, and training methods are or need to follow suit. We…

January 19 2023

Surgeon General Report Summary: 5 Recommendations for Supporting Worker…

It’s no surprise that stress impacts an employee’s well-being, mental health, productivity, and relationships. These days employees are working on shorter deadlines, striving to meet aggressive deliverable deadlines, juggling family commitments, and more. In fact, a recent American Psychological Association…

January 13 2023

Employee Onboarding: Ways to Shrink the Skills Gap and…

Onboarding employees is an essential step in the hiring process, and it also can be valuable to re-onboard current employees that have changed responsibilities within your organization. It’s an opportunity to close skill gaps due to retiring employees, the great resignation,…

January 3 2023

OSHA Form 300: Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

In earlier posts, we’ve described how to determine if an injury or illness at the workplace is work-related and recordable, and, if so, how to complete OSHA’s Form 301, Injury and Illness Incident Report. If you want to review those…

December 16 2022

How to Identify and Close Skill Gaps at Work

Consider this scenario, if you will. You're a training manager. Or maybe you're someone else who is involved in training--the head of operations, or in HR, or the safety manager. You or someone else at work determines there's a performance…

November 11 2022

OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements: Proposed Rule Affects Construction Firms

OSHA has published a proposed rule to restore and expand Obama-administration requirements for employers in hazardous industries with at least 100 employees. The proposed rule would require the submission of information from injury and illness 300, 301, and 300A forms…

October 21 2022

White Paper: Manufacturing Downtime and the Bottom Line

A skilled workforce is essential to preventative maintenance and mitigating costly downtime. This white paper is a critical piece linking the investment of training and technology to shop floor operations and the bottom line for organizations.  In this white paper…

October 20 2022

Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) Training Resources

At Vector Solutions, we offer online training, continuing education, and other performance-improvement solutions for the Architecture, Engineering & Construction (AEC) industries. Of course, our learning management system (LMS), elearning courses for online training in the AEC industry, and accredited live…

May 24 2022

What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)?

What Is a Learning Management System (LMS)? If you’re just beginning to investigate online training, you may have run across the term learning management system, which is often shortened to LMS. A learning management system, along with eLearning courses, is…