November 2, 2023 min read

The Fundamental Problem with First Responder Training and Preparedness Records


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Training and certification records are fragmented across academies, local departments, state regulatory agencies, and often in paper files locked away in an office. It is difficult for public safety leaders and certification authorities to have a complete view into all current first responder training and their certification status.

Responsibility for reporting lies with local public safety agencies and first responders who must report training to their state standards and training authorities, but the process for compiling and submitting the information involves a lot of time and effort. And for the state training and standards authorities, state renewal deadlines often come with an influx of training submissions that make it difficult to review in a timely manner to validate compliance.

Vector Solutions is responding to these challenges with revolutionary new technology.

AgencyConnect, launched in October 2023, is the only solution that connects training and certification systems between local agencies with state level certifying bodies and academies to improve first responder training and certification insight. Vector’s Acadis Readiness Suite, which is built to manage academy and compliance operations, integrates with Vector’s training management system for local agencies, TargetSolutions, through AgencyConnect. This ecosystem provides a common framework that standardizes state agencies’ first responder data collection while enabling secure and simple data sharing with local departments.

With AgencyConnect, state agencies can access a real-time view of compliance, and local agencies can reduce the cost of compliance and improve the timeliness of submissions. Both state and local agencies will save time in manual submission and approval processes and increase the accuracy of their training records. Now, a single source of training and certification records across local, county, and state levels is possible with accurate and timely information about every first responder and what they are authorized to do.

This revolutionary approach to solving the problem of fragmentation which will fundamentally change how we manage data for the most precious asset in public safety—our people. 

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