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November 30, 2023

Best Practices to Overcome Scheduling Challenges in 2024


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Learn Strategies for Maintaining Operational Effectiveness


Staffing shortages are a familiar challenge many fire departments face. They often create a myriad of competing priorities such as ensuring proper coverage while adhering to overtime compliance. In a recent survey conducted by Vector Solutions, 63 percent of respondents identified staffing shortages as one of their top three preparedness issues.

Watch this webinar video to learn how your agency can prepare for 2024 by leveraging Vector Scheduling to meet minimum staffing requirements and ensure coverage in one comprehensive system.

During this webinar, we’ll cover how to do following with Vector Scheduling:

  • Setting up minimum staffing levels to ensure compliance
  • Safeguarding number of time-offs to avoid going below minimum staffing
  • Tracking deployments for special events occurring in the new year
  • Leveraging the mobile app to administer automated callbacks and communicate changes with your crew



Brad Lyon, Solutions Engineer
Brad Lyon has spent 17 years working in the Fire Service. He was the very first employee of CrewSense before it was acquired by Vector Solutions and is a subject matter expert within the Vector Scheduling platform with more than four years of experience helping clients maximize the platform.


Robbi King, Solutions Engineer Manager
Robbi King completed his career in public safety after 27 years of service rising through the ranks finishing as Assistant Fire Chief from Georgia. Robbi’s career landed him nearly every position in the fire service, but training and public education were his favorites. These areas were also where Robbi utilized Vector LMS to heavily to streamline process to ensure every member met or exceeded requirements to maintain compliance.

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