Vector’s Launching 3-D Modeling and Animation in Course Development

Vector’s Launching 3-D Modeling and Animation in Course Development

If there’s one constant in eLearning, it’s that nothing ever stays the same. And it’s that constant evolution, innovation and ingenuity that makes our industry so cutting-edge when it comes to developing methods with which to deliver course content.

And right now, two big trends are 3D modeling and animation.

For how engaging it is, it should come as no surprise that 3D modeling and learning approaches, including augmented reality, will soon earn a place in the standard suite of online training products. And beyond beloved Disney and Pixar characters, animation has the power to spark creativity and transport us.

What is 3D Modeling?

3D modeling develops a mathematical representation of any three-dimensional surface of an object.

What is 3D Animation?

3D animation is often referred to as computer-generated imagery or CGI. This method of animation or computer graphics requires 3D models with simulated light sources and textures.

What Are The Benefits of 3D Animation Content Delivery?

3D modeling and animation content delivery have transformed numerous fields, including filmmaking, computer games, architecture and product design, with the underlying fundamentals of high-quality 3D production originating in traditional design and animation methodologies.

But all of their fantastical – almost otherworldly – capabilities notwithstanding, 3D modeling and animation also have much more practical applications. In fact, they can both be valuable eLearning tools that foster an emotional connection and get online learners excited about the eLearning process.

So here, we’ll discuss the benefits of each.

Benefits of 3D Modeling for eLearning

1. It’s Social.

If gaming trends like Pokémon GO are any indication, innovative developments for collaborative gaming experiences bring groups together. So just imagine what this technology could bring to corporate team-building.

2. It’s Applicable.

3D training content provides real-world, on-the-job practice environments where learners can virtually assemble equipment, for example, or navigate through virtual documents in order to visualize equipment, procedures, and tasks in a virtually tactical, applicable way.

3. It Simulates.

Training can be replicated using 3D modeling, giving learners real-life experience – without the repercussions of real-life mistakes. Further, it can also reduce the cost of purchasing and managing equipment, and be easily modified to keep it current.

4. It’s Mobile.

3D learning and augmented reality (AR) integrate nicely with a mobile eLearning strategy for learners who are no longer deskbound. It also provides on-demand learning opportunities to meet learners where they are, at their exact point of need.

5. It’s Fun.

Because 3D learning is closely related to gaming, it’s easy to integrate the mechanics of gamification so learning can be facilitated in a competitive virtual environment or driven by reward-earning to increase learner engagement, therefore increasing ROI.

Benefits of Animation for eLearning

1. It’s Engaging.

Amination helps to keep your participants engaged and interested in the material presented. Think of it like this: If your participants lose focus on their training, an animation goes a long way to disrupt the monotony of static content to re-engage them

2. It’s Entertaining.

Where instructors and static content can’t, animated characters have license to be a little silly. And silly goes a long way in helping to break up lengthy training sessions and sets the tone for how they should approach training – with enthusiasm and excitement.

3. It’s Memorable.

When participants watch engaging animation, it helps give visual context to the concepts and lessons they’re learning, in turn making them more likely to recall what they’ve learned – long after training has ended.

4. It’s Relatable.

It might sound childish, but when learners have a character or visual to identify with – instead of static content or images – they’re more likely to connect with, trust and retain the information.

5. It’s Fun.

When your employees know to expect a fun and engaging training, they’ll be more excited and open to trainings and learning new concepts in the future.

At Vector Solutions, we continue to strive for excellence in all that we do – continually innovating and evolving to better meet the needs of our clients in an ever-changing market with ever-changing needs – so we’re proud to announce that we’ve acquired Convergence Training, a leading provider of training content and software solutions for industrial operations, manufacturing, and mining, and specializing in 3D and animation.

How Does This Benefit Our Clients?

The acquisition provides clients from Vector Solutions and Convergence Training access to thousands of new courses in a variety of modern formats, and includes content accredited by hundreds of licensing bodies and professional associations, as well as increased platform features and modules for optimized performance.

We are focused on creating mobile, intelligent solutions that deliver real-time training to help optimize employee performance. The addition of 3D animation content delivery comes as we launch our first Virtual Reality training course for firefighters and rolls out our first Augmented Reality prototype. And Convergence Training presented just such an opportunity to strengthen our commitment to delivering optimum training technology.

“One of the best ways to engage learners is by leveraging cutting-edge educational technology like the 3D modeling used in Convergence courses,” Gordon explained. “This type of media allows us to bring topics to life, convey complex information and processes, give rare looks inside machinery and other large items, and create scenarios that could otherwise risk safety.”

With our two teams sharing a passion for innovation and driving results, the future of eLearning, continued education and training is limitless. With the reach and power behind the Vector Solutions LMS and mobile technology and Convergence Training’s 3D modeling and animation content delivery, our combined course library will enable us to reach a wider audience while better serving our existing clients with the standard of excellence they’ve come to expect from Vector Solutions.

Want to Know More?

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