Fire Course Updates: NFPA 1001 Fire Behavior and NFPA 1021 Incident Scene Communications



The fundamentals of firefighting require a deep understanding of fire behavior and effective communication. To ensure fire departments can deliver the most up-to-date firefighter training, Vector Solutions updated two essential courses in its firefighter continuing education catalog.

Available through the TargetSolutions training management platform, these courses can be assigned and tracked online. Newly updated courses include: NFPA 1001 Fire Behavior and 1021 Incident Scene Communications.

Enhanced Online Fire Department Training

Refreshed firefighter training includes the most up-to-date NFPA standards and is written by industry subject matter experts. Video-based lessons highlight scientific findings, real-world case studies, and study exercises throughout the course.

NFPA 1001 Fire Behavior

To safely and effectively manage fire, firefighters must understand the science behind how fires start, how they spread, and how fires can be extinguished. This information is the basis for helping firefighters interpret what they encounter during a structure fire and select the proper tactics to safely respond.

This course reviews the fundamentals of fire behavior, including the fire tetrahedron, types of fuel, products of combustion and the phases of fire development.

NFPA 1021 Incident Scene Communications

In the high-stakes environment of the fireground, there is no room for communication breakdown. Miscommunication can lead to costly setbacks or even failure in incident operations.

NFPA 1021 Incident Scene Communications focuses on the importance of clear and effective communication in incident responses. The various kinds of communication, the components that comprise a department's communications system, and the intrinsic relationship between Incident Command System (ICS) and communication are highlighted. Additionally, critical junctures of communication during incident operations are reviewed.

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