Working At A Company That Has Purpose: 5 Reasons It’s Critical For Every Organization

Working At A Company That Has Purpose: 5 Reasons It’s Critical For Every Organization

At Vector Solutions, our mission is to serve everyday heroes in the critical industries in our communities by delivering intelligent software solutions that empower them to make safer, smarter, better decisions. We believe passionately in providing critical knowledge when, where, and how they need it. Everything we do - from training to workforce management, to risk reduction, and beyond, is done to elevate the safety and success of our clients and the communities they serve. We believe this mission makes us an exceptional company to work for - which is exactly what we strive to be. 

Working at a company that has purpose doesn’t just make a company more profitable or successful, it gives true meaning to our work, brings us closer as a team, and helps us achieve more for our clients. Here’s how working at a company that has a purpose helps make our work impactful for our own people, for the clients we serve, and for our communities at large. 

5 Reasons We Strive To Work With Purpose at Vector Solutions

The purpose our clients provide to our communities is immeasurable - and we are honored to support them as they perform their critical work. Here’s how connecting to that mission gives us the ability to work with purpose - with insight from real Vector employees. 

1. Helps Your Organization Make Safer, Smarter, Better Decisions.

When you’re driven by purpose, your organization becomes aligned within clear, easy-to-follow guidelines, which makes it easy to make safer, smarter, and better decisions within your own walls. While clearly defining your mission and values is a difficult exercise that takes thought and consideration, inconsistency is incredibly easy to spot. If your organization’s actions don’t align with your mission, your employees, clients, and partners and prospective employees will feel it; a 2019 survey shows that nearly 50% of job seekers cite company culture as very important when considering a new job or company. Working with purpose and authentically connecting that purpose to all you do - that is a huge component of healthy company culture.

2. Strengthens Communication

We talk about communication a lot at Vector and that’s because we believe it’s critical to a healthy, successful organization. Communication can’t be credible if it isn’t consistent. By clearly and consistently communicating with your team members, you’re sharing your organization’s values and mission and connecting them to the work you’re doing every day. Some of the ways we continued to connect with our employees during the challenges of the pandemic were:

  • Town hall-style meetings
  • Frequent video messages from our CEO and other leadership team members
  • Virtual celebrations like pizza parties and trivia
  • Surprise care packages in the mail, like coffee mugs and mini Bluetooth speakers to brighten employees’ days.
  • Messaging platforms, like Slack, to keep team members connected to each other

Remember: communication isn’t just important during challenging times - it keeps our culture alive and provides needed opportunities for connection and fun, which bonds us to our shared goal. The connections we make with each other, and our willingness to communicate openly and positively, lead to real results, making us happier and giving our work greater impact. 

As one team member describes her experience of Vector employees, “What makes somebody a great Vector team member is the caring, the friendliness, the funniness...we really do combine our skills and strength for the better. One of my mentors...he has always been willing to help, to teach me things, to show me things, and has always been a true team player and my friend.” 

3. Motivates and Engages Employees

Only 27% of employees strongly believe in their company’s values and feel they can apply those values to their work every day. We’re proud to say that this is not true for Vector Solutions. Our team members are skilled, dedicated, and mission-driven, which is why we know how critical it is for us to connect everything back to our mission and to work with purpose. 

Integrity can be a buzzword, but working and living with integrity daily is what gives the term meaning. As one Vector employee states, “Integrity isn’t in your written responsibilities, but when you’re doing it with purpose and intentionality, that’s something I see a lot on a day-to-day basis.” 

Another states, “Vector employees share the company values and missions to serve our customers while making our communities safer places and better places to live. Our work at Vector is important and fulfilling because we’re making a positive difference for our customers and our communities.” 

4. Helps you Retain Top Talent

93% of employees would stay at a company if it invested in their careers, according to  LinkedIn Learning. Attracting and retaining top talent is critical to a healthy organization and working with purpose is a differentiator for Vector employees. By connecting challenging work with the mission and working with purpose, team members feel rewarded and appreciated. By adhering to your values, you provide future leaders with the powerhouse combination of ample development opportunities and a nurturing atmosphere in which to grow - so they can do that with your organization instead of being forced to seek opportunities elsewhere.

One Vector team member who has been with the company for over a decade describes working at Vector as “striving for excellence not only for themselves but for those around them. We’re always pushing each other to be better the next day.” 

Another team member connects our commitment to training and development with our purposeful, mission-based work: “I like working at Vector because we have great training and professional development. We also have a positive impact on our community.” 

5. Attracts The Right Customers - And Makes It Clear What you Provide

What kind of customer does your mission align with? At Vector, our customers are the everyday heroes who give their talents and time to keeping our communities safe. These professionals are in industries like public safety, fire rescue, emergency medicine, law enforcement, and schools. By connecting the work we each do individually at Vector to the ultimate goal of keeping these critical workers safe, we can clearly define what we do and why we do it. We strive to deliver a best-in-class experience for our clients so that they can feel our commitment and dedication to them in our work. This genuine dedication gives our work purpose and is immediately clear to our prospective customers. 

As one employee stated, “I enjoy talking to and working for the men and women who support our communities. You couple that together, you’ve got a really great place to work and a mission and vision supporting some really great people doing important work every day...I am excited about the things we do, the people we work for, and the people we work with.”

Driven By Our Mission

Being driven by purpose looks different for every company. For us, it’s about connecting the work we do with the critical efforts of those we support. We feel we are part of a greater cause, and that each of our efforts align with achieving our goal of supporting the critical, everyday heroes in our communities. However working with purpose looks for your organization, it should be communicated in everything you do so that it’s evident to your current employees and clients, and those you hope to attract in the future. Learn more about our mission and values here.

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