Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

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May 9 2022

Closing the Facilities Maintenance Skills Gap Guide

Like many industries, the facilities industry is experiencing a serious and growing skills gap, including for maintenance techs and building engineers with necessary technical maintenance skills.  There are plenty of reasons for this gap—the aging and retiring of experienced workers,…

Whitepapers & Guides
April 13 2022

Total Productive Maintenance (TPM) Guide

Make the shift away from reactive/”breakdown” maintenance and toward a more proactive, preventive maintenance approach by implementing Total Productive Maintenance, or TPM, at your plant. TPM begins on the foundation of 5S from lean and empowers machine operators to do…

Whitepapers & Guides
April 8 2022

Employee Onboarding Guide

Well-designed, supportive, and well-implemented onboarding programs can help accelerate the integration of newly hired workers, ensure proper knowledge acquisition and skill development, help ensure compliance, and even aid in employee engagement, morale, and retention. In this guide, you’ll learn: What…

April 7 2022

8 Things to Keep in Mind about Employee Onboarding…

Although employee onboarding programs are known to provide great benefits for employees and the organization (see our Better Employee Onboarding recorded webinar to see some statistics and data on that), many organizations don’t offer a real employee onboarding program and…

April 5 2022

Using OEE as a KPI Metric for Your Maintenance

When performed poorly, maintenance can sometimes be viewed as a cost center by plant managers, but if it’s performed in a proactive, preventive manner that focuses on reliability and increasing machine uptime and production, it can instead be viewed as…

March 30 2022

Invest in Management Training for Improved Facilities Maintenance Performance

Like many sectors of the American economy, Facilities employers, including facilities maintenance, are experiencing a difficult skills gap.  There’s no single, simple solution to create a facilities maintenance team that’s fully skilled and is ready for work challenges today and…

March 16 2022

Five Common Industrial Maintenance Strategies

Some organizations don’t really have a maintenance strategy. They wait for something to break and they fix it. That’s generally known as reactive maintenance, or unplanned maintenance, or breakdown maintenance. And while this type of maintenance can be a part…

In The News
March 7 2022

As Seen In Business & Industry Connection Magazine: Organizational…

Vector Solutions, the leading provider of software solutions designed to optimize operational readiness, workforce management, and risk mitigation for critical industries, was recognized in Business & Industry Connection Magazine for their learning and performance-improvement tools for plant optimization efforts and…

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February 23 2022

Manufacturing Downtime & Preventive Maintenance Guide

Download this guide to learn the true costs of downtime and the benefits of preventive maintenance approaches. In this guide you’ll learn: The significant costs of manufacturing downtime & relying on reactive maintenance The benefits of using preventive maintenance approaches …