Performance Optimization

Performance Optimization

June 15 2021

Safer, Smarter, Better: A Day In The Life Of…

Connecting Content & Technology to Improve Safety and Performance At Vector Solutions, our mission is to support the everyday heroes in critical industries, empowering them to make better, smarter, and safer decisions that provide better outcomes for themselves, their organizations,…

June 11 2021

Skills for an Advanced Manufacturing Workforce

The era of Advanced Manufacturing is coming soon. Industry 4.0. The Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT). Great, right? Sounds good, huh? Except, who’s going to do the work during this era (other than robots and computers)? What skills are they…

June 4 2021

The Importance of Reskilling Workers

Not too long ago, we had a discussion with the highly respected L&D professional Dr. Stella Lee in which she argued that the COVID pandemic presented a need, challenge, and opportunity to L&D professionals to help reskill and upskill workers…

June 1 2021

2021 National Safety Month Resource Roundup

National Safety Month is recognized every June, and with so many changes in our lives, and new ones coming every day, it can be hard to keep up with new trends and resources. But never fear, we’ve rounded up some…

May 31 2021

The Continued (and Growing) Importance of Upskilling

It’s no secret that industrial and manufacturing employers in the United States have been faced with a skills gap for quite some time. That’s true for a variety of reasons, including the increasing integration of technology into industrial and manufacturing…

Whitepapers & Guides
May 26 2021

Applying “New Safety” Guide

Read many of the world's leading experts introduce various "new views" of safety, including: HOP Safety Differently Safety-II Resilience Engineering HPI Contributors to the guide include: Martha Acosta Nippin Anand Andrea Baker Andrew Barrett Carsten Busch Eric Buschard Rosa Antonia…

Whitepapers & Guides
May 12 2021

Design Thinking Infographic

Design Thinking Infographic Download this infographic to learn the basics (and get links to learn more) about design thinking, a useful tool for human-centered product creation, innovation, and problem solving. It can even be  used as part of the training…

May 4 2021

Mental Health & Organizational Success

Although mental health is rarely discussed in professional environments, it has a staggering effect on employee productivity and organizational success. May is Mental Health Awareness Month, a valuable time to refresh your understanding of mental health symptoms and impacts and…

April 28 2021

Financial Benefits of Employee Training

 If you’re a training developer or are otherwise involved in learning and development for your organization, you want the employee training programs you develop to have positive financial benefits for your organization. You want this for a few reasons. The…