New Courses Added to Our Pulp, Paper, Tissue, and Box Training Libraries

Here’s a quick announcement to let you know about two new courses we just added to our ever-growing libraries of 3-D animated, SCORM-compliant training courses for the pulp, paper, tissue, and box industries.

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Forming Fabric Design

Course Description: Forming fabrics allow water to quickly drain from papermaking stock while retaining the fibers and furnishing components that create the paper sheet. The design of the forming fabric influences these processes. This module discusses how different design characteristics affect the final quality of the sheet.

Recaustisizing Basics

Course Description: This course provides an overview of the kraft pulping process and the recausticizing system and explains how they work together. You'll learn the major equipment used within the recaust system, the steps or processes involved, and the liquid and solid flows into and out of the system. In addition, the course details the important chemical reactions that take place during recaust– slaking, causticizing, and calcining.

And, because the libraries we’re creating for our pulp, paper, tissue, and box customers also include supplementary titles that are relevant to these industries, we’re also announcing the new completion of a related safety module.

Safety Showers and Eye Washes

Course Description: When spills or exposures happen, you can use safety showers and eye washes to rinse hazardous materials off and reduce the potential or severity of an injury. This course will describe types of safety showers and eye washes, explain how to operate them and how to help an accident victim use one, and provide best practices for maintaining and testing them.
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