National Hazing Prevention Week: Stop Hazing Before It’s Too Late

National Hazing Prevention Week: Stop Hazing Before It’s Too Late

Critical Resources Available to Help Prevent Hazing on Campus

CINCINNATI, OH – September 24, 2019 – National Hazing Prevention Week (Sep. 23 -27) is an opportunity for schools, students, and communities to come together and raise awareness to prevent hazing on campus and educate others to do the same. That is why Vector Solutions, the developers of the SafeColleges Training System, is offering a variety of valuable National Hazing Prevention Week resources to educators, administrators, and students to use on their campus to educate and change behaviors regarding hazing.

According to a study conducted by Stop Hazing, three out of five students are subjected to hazing on campus and 95 percent of students who are hazed don’t report hazing to campus officials. While some might view hazing as harmless fun, recent national headlines show that many students face serious injury and even death in some instances, while others face disciplinary expulsion, criminal fines, and jail time. 

The most frequently reported hazing behaviors include: drinking games or consumption of large amounts of alcohol until ill; singing/chanting in public; association with specific people and not others; sleep deprivation; and, being screamed, yelled, and cursed at by others. Students often participate in these high-risk and life-threatening hazing activities for the following perceived benefits:

  • Provides a sense of accomplishment
  • Makes him/her feel like a part of the group
  • Promotes self-discipline
  • Prepares him/her for emotional challenges in life
  • Allows him/her to do crazy things

Vector Solutions knows that students, faculty and staff, parents and families, and the community at large all play a vital role in preventing and reducing hazing on campus. The resources below are available now for students and educators to promote awareness and share critical information to bring real and lasting change on campus: 

Hazing Prevention Week PSA Video: Hazing Isn’t Effective

Tips: Five Helpful Guidelines to Reduce Hazing on Your Campus

Link: Comprehensive Hazing Prevention Guide

Legislation Guides: Hazing Laws – Interactive State Map

SafeColleges Training System: Includes a Hazing Prevention: Misconceptions and Pitfalls course designed to break the cycle of hazing in Greek Life, athletic teams, and other clubs and organizations on campus. Students learn through peer presenters and powerful testimonials, both from victims and perpetrators, that hazing is not effective. The SafeColleges Employee Course Library includes a Hazing Prevention and Awareness course that provides insight and advice to understand why hazing occurs, strategies to identify hazing, and how to address hazing students on campus. It also covers health and legal risks, as well as the responsibility of students. Available for purchase as an annual subscription.

SafeColleges Online Tip Reporting System: Allows students, faculty, and staff to anonymously report tips of hazing, sexual assault, discrimination, threats of violence, and more to campus administration 24/7 from any web-enabled device. Available for purchase as an annual subscription. 

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