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    July 7, 2021

    Study: Inclusive Behavior Changes Among College Students with Vector Solutions


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    DiversityEdu Study Shows Changes in Inclusive Behavior

    NEW YORK, Aug. 9, 2019 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ – DIVERSITYEDU LLC, the fast-growing and highly innovative diversity learning and management company, says the preliminary results of a randomized, mixed methods study show their one-hour online course for college students results in significant changes in inclusive behavior. These are the behaviors campus leaders and employers alike are trying so hard to instill, such as engaging confidently with people from diverse identity groups and stepping in as an ally for targets of discrimination.

    According to DiversityEdu founder Alison Akant, “this is groundbreaking on several counts. One is that this was a randomized study using qualitative and quantitative measures-that in itself is rare in our field. Second is that we’re able to show statistically significant changes in behavior, not just attitudes and knowledge about diversity and inclusion.”

    …we’re able to show statistically significant changes in behavior, not just attitudes and knowledge about diversity and inclusion.

    Alison Akant

    Founder, DiversityEdu

    “That’s what has been so hard for researchers to get at,” says DiversityEdu’s Angelica Frausto, research psychologist and lead designer of the study. “The fact that a one-hour course could produce significant cognitive, affective, and behavioral changes is very impressive! Studies show that the most effective diversity education programs address all three learning domains.”

    There’s more to the study, but findings to date will be presented by DiversityEdu at the American Psychological Association’s annual conference on August 10. “We’re anticipating a lot of interest at APA,” says Akant, “and people asking whether our results will apply beyond our college student course, to our courses for the professional workplace. We’re confident they will.”

    Publication of the DiversityEdu study is on the horizon. “We believe even just our results to date are new and exciting contributions to the literature,” says Frausto, “that will be of interest to scholars and diversity practitioners alike.”

    About Vector Solutions

    Vector Solutions creates online learning, assessments, and management tools proven to build diverse and inclusive culture. Over 200,000 participants at more than 50 organizations have completed Vector solutions programs. All of Vector Solutions learning is thoroughly researched and includes interactive exercises, quizzes, and video scenarios to deepen user engagement. Vector Solutions management tools help leaders and managers reach higher levels of inclusivity for their organization as a whole.