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    July 25, 2023

    Vector Solutions Releases Campus Prevention Network National Insights Report Series




    Higher Education

    The first annual CPN National Insights Report series captures the views of over 1 million students across 2,000+ colleges and universities to provide a critical look at the challenges facing higher education students and institutions

    TAMPA, FL, July 18, 2023 – Today, Vector Solutions, the leading provider of software solutions and data insights that elevate higher education institutions’ prevention and compliance strategies, released its first annual Campus Prevention Network National Insights Report series. The series provides anonymized and aggregated survey data from over 1.4 million college students across the United States.

    The reports feature survey responses from Vector Solutions’ Campus Prevention Network (CPN), which comprises 2,000+ colleges and universities reaching 10 million students, staff, and faculty every year with online prevention programs. The series also provides a robust data set on campus safety, well-being, and inclusion based on the broad national network of CPN.

    Vector Solutions has released over 900 institution-level reports to customers just this year. Historically, institution-level data was shared in Impact Reports on an individual basis for higher education customers. However, the first annual CPN National Insights Report series marks a changing tide, as it is the first time the data will be anonymized, aggregated, and shared for public access.

    “Issues of safety, well-being, and belonging are paramount to today’s students, and can have a profound impact on their success in college and beyond,” says Rob Buelow, General Manager, Education Sector, at Vector Solutions. “With over a million students surveyed annually, we are able to glean unparalleled insights into the attitudes, behaviors, and experiences of learners across hundreds of diverse campuses nationwide. We are committed to supporting schools with the insights and tools needed to positively shape the future of higher education and the communities we serve.”

    The National Insights Report series will be used to inform and shape comprehensive prevention strategies on college campuses, allowing administrators to benchmark institutional progress and implement change to develop a brighter future for all students. The first annual CPN National Insights Report series dives into four critical and timely topics: Mental Well-Being, Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging, Sexual and Gender-Based Violence, and Alcohol Use and Misuse.

    The data within the reports is robust, and key findings include:

    • Mental Well-Being: Nearly half of students needed mental health support last year.
    • Diversity, Inclusion, & Belonging: Nearly 60% of college students have witnessed racism at their school.
    • Sexual and Gender-Based Violence: While 68% of higher education students who have experienced unwanted sexual contact talk to others about it, most do not report it to authorities.
    • Alcohol Use and Misuse: 49% of college students report abstaining from drinking in the past year.

    To learn more about Vector Solutions’ Campus Prevention Network National Insights Report series, click here. Vector Solutions plans to release the reports on an annual basis. Updates on next year’s reports will be shared on the company website once available.


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