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    April 4, 2024

    Vector Solutions Unveils Cutting-Edge Fire Department Shift Scheduling Innovations at FDIC International 2024




    Vector Scheduling

    TAMPA, FL, April 4, 2024 – Vector Solutions, the leading provider of technology solutions designed to train, prepare, and retain public safety professionals, reveals transformative advancements in fire department shift scheduling software at FDIC International 2024. As a pioneer in the industry, Vector Solutions continuously enhances its shift scheduling solution to meet the evolving needs of the fire service

    Recent and upcoming releases from Vector Solutions enhance its shift scheduling software, Vector Scheduling, and its ability to save administrative time, boost scheduling efficiencies, and enhance the user experience.

    Vector Solutions will share its latest technological advancements during this year’s FDIC International conference. Visit us at booth # 2228.


    Recent Releases Enhance Equity and Efficiencies

    Personnel hire dates are often used to determine seniority ranking for filling open shifts, deciding vacation bidding order and more. Vector Scheduling can now utilize hire dates as the tiebreaker across the system for an unbiased and systematic approach that ensures fairness in shift allocation and simplifies scheduling management for admins.

    Empowering personnel to select their preferred worksite or location when multiple options are available reduces grievances and saves admin time when coordinating logistics for a dispersed workforce. Vector Scheduling’s advanced automation considers personnel qualifications, agency rules, and now assignment location to optimize shift scheduling across the department.

    Vector Scheduling equips fire departments with tools to monitor coverage, adhere to overtime regulations, and ensure qualified personnel fill open shifts through rules-based automation.

    “Staffing in the fire service needs to be dynamic and it needs to be timely and the scheduling platform at Vector Solutions allows us to do that,” said Chief Dan Pfannenstiel, deputy chief of operations at West Metro Fire Rescue in Colorado in a recent interview.


    Exciting Developments Promise Time and Cost Savings

    A new scheduler view is coming to strengthen scheduling efficiencies and save time by enabling admins to view multiple days and use filters to gain clearer insight into the schedule across time. Quickly and efficiently manage day-to-day scheduling, filter views so supervisors only see personnel they are responsible for, quickly identify scheduling patterns and gaps at a glance.

    The anticipated Assistant move up enhancement will save fire department time and money by enabling admins to establish a hierarchy of parameters to automate moving qualified personnel into higher ranking positions prior to hiring back for lower ranked ones.


    Driving Scheduling Ingenuity for the Fire Service Forward

    Vector Solutions remains committed to driving innovation in fire department shift scheduling software that supports safety, compliance, and preparedness. By leveraging purpose-built technology tailored to meet the complex staffing needs of the fire service, departments can be more effective, reclaim hours of admin time, and get back to the core mission of protecting communities.

    To learn more about Vector Scheduling for fire departments, click here.


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