Inclusive Instruction & Interventions Professional Development Courses Brochure

Inclusive Instruction & Interventions Professional Development Courses Brochure

Prepare All Educators to Meet the Needs of Your Diverse Learners

Today’s educators serve students with increasingly diverse needs and face more challenging classroom behavior issues, but they often lack sufficient professional development to help all students in inclusive classrooms succeed.

The Vector Training Inclusive Instruction & Interventions online professional development courses equip administrators, teachers, and paraeducators with the skills, instructional strategies, and resources needed to improve instruction and learning outcomes for all students.

With Vector Training, you can:

  • Prepare paraeducators to safely and effectively support students in both general and special education classrooms.
  • Help educators understand, prevent, and respond to challenging behavior.
  • Improve compliance with special education laws and other new training mandates.
  • Increase flexibility and personalization in professional development.
  • Maximize your professional development budget with online courses.

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