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Vector Solutions’ Competency Assessment tool is a powerful add-on to our award-winning Learning Management System (LMS). This tool makes it easy to build assessments using questions from Vector Solutions eLearning courses and then auto-assign training to fill skills and knowledge gaps.

What is a Competency Assessment?

A competency assessment is a tool that companies can use to learn more about someone’s current skills and knowledge.

These assessments can be used either pre- or post-training.

  • Pre-training assessments help you identify skills gaps and levels of experience so that you can develop more strategic training plans or determine if someone is a strong candidate for a position.
  • Post-training assessments allow you to validate that an employee has learned key skills and information from training. This allows you to assign remedial training to improve learning outcomes and ensure compliance and safety.

Benefits of a Competency Assessment Tool

There are numerous ways to use an employee competency assessment. Use this tool to conduct pre-assessments for job applicants, improve onboarding, identify skills gaps, and more. Using this solution in our LMS allows you to:

  • Save time by identifying skills and knowledge gaps faster
  • Customize training plans to be more meaningful and relevant
  • Elevate reporting
  • Streamline training and reporting workflows
  • Improve learning outcomes

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