Idaho Forest Group – EHS Management Success Story

Idaho Forest Group – EHS Management Success Story

Idaho Forest Group

Idaho Forest Group found easy incident tracking & trending with Vector EHS Management.

Headquartered in Coeur d'Alene, the family-owned company Idaho Forest Group is one of America's largest lumber producers with a capacity for nearly 1 billion board feet per year.

Vector Solutions met on-site with Idaho Forest Group (IFG) to set up an all-in-one safety management system that assisted them in addressing potential safety hazards as well as tracking and trending incidents.

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Crane carrying logs in lumber mill yard

The Challenge

Idaho Forest Group is ever vigilant on making safety a priority. While they had used a safety management software in the past, IFG wanted a more cost-effective system with flexible configurations.

IFG searched for a software that would streamline incident reporting and simplify its OSHA recordkeeping compliance, while also using insight from other areas of its safety program to help determine ways to prevent incidents.

The Solution

In conjunction with the Vector EHS team, Idaho Forest Group configured Vector EHS Management software to shed light and improve on employee training, follow up procedures, and how root causes of incidents were investigated.

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