Vector EHS Management

Vector EHS Management

April 24 2023

10 Daily Workplace Safety Tips in Manufacturing

No one wants to get hurt, but sometimes we neglect best safety practices because it takes extra time and effort, a little extra time is always worth it to avoid an injury. Checking workplace safety throughout the day is an…

April 13 2023

6 Steps of Lockout/Tagout Procedures

LOTO stands for lockout/tagout. When done properly before equipment service or maintenance, lockout/tagout procedures control hazardous energy and protect workers from harm. In this article, we’ll look at the basics of lockout/tagout and LOTO safety, including some basic definitions, relevant…

April 10 2023

Top 5 Topics for Construction Safety Meetings

Safety meetings such as toolbox talks are a great way to encourage safe practices in the construction industry. We've found the best topics to improve construction safety, including common construction hazards, fall protection, safety training, safety responsibility, and safety improvement…

Whitepapers & Guides
March 21 2023

OSHA Reporting and Recordkeeping Requirements Guide for Higher Education

It is important that colleges and universities understand OSHA’s regulations and requirements so they can provide safe working conditions for faculty and staff. However, keeping track of these requirements, especially when it comes to reporting and recordkeeping, can be challenging.…

February 9 2023

Construction Safety Training: Key Considerations and Popular Courses

Construction work is unique and requires special attention to safety, given that construction workers face a 70% higher risk of work-related injury compared to other industries, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. As a safety professional in the construction…

January 3 2023

What is an OSHA 300A log?

The OSHA 300A log is an annual summary of all OSHA recordable incidents at each business location. The OSHA 300A log of the previous year's incidents must be posted for employees to view at each job site from February 1…

January 3 2023

OSHA Form 300: Log of Work-Related Injuries and Illnesses

In earlier posts, we’ve described how to determine if an injury or illness at the workplace is work-related and recordable, and, if so, how to complete OSHA’s Form 301, Injury and Illness Incident Report. If you want to review those…

November 18 2022

OSHA Recordkeeping Assistance in 2023

ON-DEMAND WEBINAR OSHA Recordkeeping Assistance in 2023 Webinar Overview Every year, organizations scramble to complete and post their OSHA 300A logs before the February 1st deadline. Some organizations then also have to submit that data electronically to OSHA by March…

November 11 2022

OSHA Electronic Recordkeeping Requirements: Proposed Rule Affects Construction Firms

OSHA has published a proposed rule to restore and expand Obama-administration requirements for employers in hazardous industries with at least 100 employees. The proposed rule would require the submission of information from injury and illness 300, 301, and 300A forms…