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June 16, 2023 4 min read

JCPS Streamlines PD Management and Gains Valuable Insights to Improve District PD




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JCPS Streamlines PD Management and Gains Valuable Insights to Improve District PD


The Customer

Jefferson County Public Schools in Kentucky.

The Challenge

Simplifying the task of tracking and managing the district’s large volume of professional development courses. Jefferson County Public Schools (JCPS) has 95,900 students and 15,000 staff members. District leaders needed a professional development management system that could support the district’s high volume of professional learning tasks.

Leveraging data to inform and improve district PD offerings. District leaders wanted a solution that could provide a variety of data points about the district’s professional development offerings in order to help leaders make careful and intentional decisions when designing future professional learning.

Improving communication with staff members about professional development and ensuring a positive user experience. District leaders wanted to be able to communicate efficiently with employees about their professional development and wanted all employees to be able to easily understand how to use the platform to support their own professional learning.

The Choice

JCPS was already using Vector Solutions to deliver and track staff safety and compliance training, so Vector’s PD Tracking solution was a natural choice. The platform allows the district to:

  • Provide administrators and staff members with a single easy-to-use system to house all training courses, including compliance and PD courses. Staff members can now access all trainings in one location.
  • Obtain high quality feedback from employees and data about PD sessions that informs efforts to improve professional learning.
  • Easily communicate with those hosting professional development events, email groups of participants who are attending events, and edit the professional development programs with updates from the presenter.

The Change

JCPS has a professional development management system that meets the needs of the district by:

  • Providing valuable data about professional development sessions that the district can use to improve its offerings. The platform allows district leaders to run reports based on role, bargaining unit, site, and more and obtain micro and macro-level data about the professional development to support individual sites and determine district-wide needs. The platform also gives staff members a greater opportunity to provide feedback district leaders can use to enhance PD offerings.
  • Allowing district leaders to effectively communicate with employees. Administrators can easily email all employees directly through the platform, which saves time. For instance, the district recently had a storm, and many participants did not have electricity. The district could cancel the PD events by sending a message to all participants that still had electricity through Vector PD Tracking. It was a seamless process.
  • Providing ease and convenience. Vector PD Tracking is simple for administrators and staff members to use. District leaders say employees can easily navigate the system, view their PD hours, and message their presenters without problems. Features the district especially likes include:
    • The ability for employees to filter events by My ActivitiesAvailable Events, and Managed Events.
    • The Activity by User data reporting feature, which the district uses regularly to determine which employees are in or out of compliance with the regulatory requirements.
    • The responsive customer service.

About Vector Solutions

Vector PD Tracking helps busy administrators, teachers, and staff members plan, manage, and track professional development activities. The customizable solution makes it easy to create events, streamline communication, and simplify the entire process. Features include:

  • License tracking to assist educators
  • eSignIn for PD events
  • Ability to auto-generate and print certificates of completion for PD attendees
  • Reports with summaries of feedback from PD events to assess how an event went
  • Badging to celebrate staff achievements
  • Customized templates and workflows

PD Tracking is part of Vector’s Professional Growth Suite, which brings together best-in-class professional development content and tools to manage evaluation and PD, streamlining the professional growth process for administrators, educators, and staff.

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“Since implementing Vector PD Tracking, we have seen a shift in culture around feedback and using feedback to enhance our PD offerings.”

Rajwinder Kaur

Director of Professional Development and Learning, Jefferson County Public Schools

“Our district has quickly taken to the new system.  Our users can easily navigate the system, view their PD hours, and message their presenters without problems. We can retrieve valuable data regarding our PD sessions and use the feedback from participants to move toward more high-quality PD.”

Sheryl S. Bibby

Supervisor Professional Development and Learning, Jefferson County Public Schools

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