University of North Dakota

University of North Dakota

Advancing Safety Campus-Wide

A Case Study From One of the 25 Safest Colleges

With New Insurance Requirements and a Growing Campus, SafeColleges Training Provides UND with a Systematic Process

$500,000 Reduction in Insurance Premium

The University of North Dakota (UND) was recently named one of the 25 safest college campuses of 2018 and SafeColleges is proud to be a part of their award-winning safety program. Here's how our partnership began.

In 2016, UND needed a systematic way to train employees campus-wide and their dilemma only heightened when their insurance carriers implemented new requirements to lessen workers' compensation injuries and damages.

With approximately 6,000 employees spread across 170+ different areas, finding an online training system that could be customized and would track completions was key.

After reviewing numerous providers, administrators discovered the SafeColleges Training System.









"SafeColleges Training gives our employees important knowledge that is advancing safety campus-wide, and is directly responsible for a $500,000+ discount on last year's annual insurance premium!"

Terry Wynne
Associate Director of Safety

The SafeColleges Training System was easy to implement, and the customer service team was available any time the university needed help, which was minimal, according to Terry Wynne, Associate Director of Safety.

And best of all, UND administrators no longer have to "guesstimate" who has completed training, they now have concrete data from SafeColleges Training reports that prove that 96% of employees have passed their course work.

Needless to say, the university's insurance carriers were pleased with their injury-prevention efforts and lowered the university's insurance premium $500,000 last year!

Fantastic job by Terry Wynne, Associate Director of Safety, Linda Olson, Risk Management Officer, Tearnie Braaten, Workers' Compensation Claims Coordinator, and others at UND! Not only are they making their university a safer place to work and learn, but they're also reducing injuries, too. A win-win!

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