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July 16, 2024

Making New Technology Adoption Easier For Fire Agencies




Operational Readiness

Replacing legacy software (and getting broad adoption) is no easy feat. Yet, doing so can save your state thousands of dollars, increase fire agency security, and improve operations.

So, once you’ve decided to make the switch, what are your steps to ensure a smooth transfer from your old software to the new one?

In this pre-recorded webinar with the Kentucky Fire Commission, Director of Training, Marc Rudder, and Fire Department Auditor, Jeremy Rodgers, will discuss their approach to modernizing the technology of 700+ fire agencies in their state and the internal changes necessary to accommodate the new system.

They discussed:

  • Considerations when switching technology
  • Why having “clean data” is essential
  • How they convinced the rest of their state to adopt the new technology
  • Lessons learned: Things they did right and things they could have done better

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