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April 3, 2024

Refining Readiness: Effectively Evaluate Officer Skills


Law Enforcement


Vector LMS and Training Management

In the dynamic landscape of law enforcement, the efficacy of an officer’s skills training is paramount. Whether you are doing de-escalation, weapons, or FTO training at roll call or in the field training, you want to ensure your officers can perform to the standard they have been trained in and understand the positive impacts of using real-life scenarios.

Watch this insightful webinar session to see how you can enhance the precision and impact of your law enforcement training.

We’ll discuss:

  • Developing objective performance metrics to assess proficiency, identify strengths, and address areas of improvement
  • Incorporating real-time feedback from trainers, supervisors, and officers to contribute to continuous improvement
  • Scenario-based training evaluations to enhance assessments and provide a true reflection of an officer’s preparedness for real-world challenges
  • Utilizing Vector’s Evaluations+ mobile app to evaluate and refine training techniques on the spot


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