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July 10, 2024

The Best Technology to Support Officer and Telecommunicator Critical Incident Tracking


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On-Demand Webinar

Managing the impact of critical incidents and tracking them is of utmost importance for law enforcement and emergency communication centers. These high-stress and emotionally charged incidents can have a significant negative impact on the mental well-being of personnel. By focusing on how to manage the impact before an incident takes place and providing support after, officers and telecommunicators can better cope with the challenges they face daily, reducing the risk of burnout and mental health concerns.

In this special webinar presentation, retired law enforcement officer Johnny Roberson, a Solutions Engineer with Vector Solutions, discussed how law enforcement and emergency communication center leaders can utilize Guardian Tracking, an early intervention and conduct management solution, to support personnel before, during, and after a critical incident happens.

You’ll learn:

· How to document critical incident exposures within Guardian Tracking and set up notifications for follow up after

· Tips for utilizing early intervention flags to notify supervisors when personnel meet agency-defined thresholds for critical incidents and may require time off or other support actions

· How to use Guardian Tracking to promote mental wellness by proactively addressing behavior that may be indicative of compassion fatigue or other mental health concerns

· The power of positive recognition to combat burnout and boost mental wellness

· And more

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