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Empowering Educators: Implementing Effective Strategies for Managing Challenging Student Behavior

Teachers and administrators are reporting increases in challenging student behavior. According to a Psychology Today article, 81% of school administrators indicated the frequency of disruptive behaviors in their schools is either “more” or “significantly more” than during the previous three years.

Many teachers also feel under-prepared to manage these behaviors which can hamper effective teaching and take valuable learning time away from the rest of the class. One report indicated 51% of teachers who have recently abandoned their teaching careers reported their primary reason for leaving was student behavior.

Vector Solutions partnered with Dr. Reesha M. Adamson, a professor and associate dean at the College of Education at Missouri State University, for a webinar in which Adamson provides a toolkit of effective strategies to help teachers and administrators decode and proactively address a diverse range of challenging behaviors in K-12 schools.

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  • Proactive Strategies for Mitigating Challenging Student Behavior
  • Tiers of Support
  • The Seven Phases of Acting Out – Identification and Intervention

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