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Why NFPA Matters to Your Firefighter Training Program

In order to understand why that is important, we need know what NFPA is and how it functions.


In the fire service, it is nearly impossible to turn around without bumping into some aspect of the National Fire Protection Association. NFPA is everywhere. It is heavily leaned upon for fire department policy and purchase decisions. And likewise, it is a favorite pinnata in dayrooms across the country for its lack of “practical application.” Love it, hate it or land somewhere in between, there is no escaping NFPA guidelines. They are, in essence, the law of our land. 

That is particularly true when it comes to firefighter training. And this universal acceptance of NFPA standards makes it critical on several fronts why firefighters must be trained to those standards and that training must be accurately recorded. 


Download our guide and learn why NFPA matters to your firefighter training program.

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