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July 23 2021

Lone Worker Safety: Risks, Considerations & Solutions Guide

As organizations digitalize and remote operations become more commonplace, the number of lone workers is on the rise. Lone workers exist in every industry and include individuals such as contractors, self-employed people, and those who work off-site or outside normal…

July 21 2021

6 Ways to Use LiveSafe in the Workplace

Regardless of the industry, all employees face occupational risks. In a remote or in-person office environment, this may include facility hazards, accidents or injuries, intruders, mental health concerns, and more. Deploying a mobile risk intelligence communications platform such as Vector…

July 20 2021

Powering Prevention for Lone Workers

Workplace violence and occupational hazards are a growing concern for businesses that employ onsite and offsite workers. On average, OSHA reports workplace violence affects 2 million American workers and workplace injuries cost U.S. businesses approximately $52 Billion dollars per year.…

Whitepapers & Guides
July 17 2021

Guide to OSHA Inspections

Learn what happens when an OSHA field officer inspects a workplace and get tips for coming through an OSHA inspection without problems.

July 14 2021

Understanding Suspicious Activity

Suspicious activity can sometimes be hard to identify. Is the person you don’t recognize a new employee or a visiting client? Is the person behaving oddly just having a bad day? Is the person loitering in the lobby just waiting…

Whitepapers & Guides
July 13 2021

SDS Management Software Buyer’s Guide

Whether this is your first time shopping for online SDS software or you’re upgrading from a legacy solution, this guide is designed for you to use in your search for the safety management solution that works best for you and…

July 1 2021

Lone Worker Risk Assessments & Policies

Regardless of the industry, there are several threats that all lone workers face, namely unaddressed workplace accidents or emergencies, inadequate rest and breaks, and physical violence. To ensure lone worker safety and regulatory compliance, organizations should regularly complete lone worker…

June 25 2021

Targeted School Violence Remains Top Safety Concern for New…

Recently, there was an incident in Minnesota where a 12-year-old male was arrested for allegedly firing multiple shots in a middle school hallway. No one was injured, but the school was immediately put on lockdown and law enforcement was contacted. …

June 23 2021

5 Ways to Use LiveSafe on a Worksite

Those who work in hazardous environments, such as construction sites or factories, often face workplace hazards. Deploying a mobile risk intelligence communications platform such as Vector LiveSafe puts safety resources at employees’ fingertips. This is particularly valuable for employees in…