SafeSchools Is Now
Vector Solutions

Featuring innovative training and risk management solutions for K-12 education that help create safer and more effective schools.


SafeSchools Joined Vector Solutions

In May 2017,  Vector Solutions added the SafeSchools training and risk management solutions for K-12 education to the Vector family.

The addition of SafeSchools adds real-time safety and compliance training capabilities into the Vector Solutions product portfolio, furthering Vector's strategy to provide integrated solutions that connect content and technology to deliver insights and knowledge when and how they are needed.

Trusted by Thousands of Districts

For over ten years, we have been helping school and district leaders address many complex issues through our user-friendly, online K-12 education technology solutions. Our award-winning school management software will help you cost-effectively and efficiently manage your Training and Professional Growth, Facilities and Operations, and Safety and Risk Management needs, district-wide.

Expert-Authored Online
K-12 Staff Training

Trusted by thousands of K-12 administrators, the Vector Training system completely automates your staff training, so you can give everyone the essential knowledge they need to be better prepared and protected at school. Access high quality courses on important safety, compliance, prevention, and special education topics, in one convenient online system. Training management and compliance have never been easier!

Staff Safety & Compliance Training

Student Safety and Wellness Courses

Our engaging courses for students cover the important safety topics you need to educate your students on to positively impact your culture, and are perfect for prevention training or remediation. Topics include: Bullying & Cyberbullying, Youth Suicide, Alcohol, Vaping & Drug Prevention, Sexual Harassment, Digital Citizenship, Stress & Anxiety, Depression, Healthy Relationships, Good Decision Making, and more.

Helpful Things to Know

1. New Brand Name.

The company brand you know as SafeSchools is now Vector Solutions. Communication around our products, new releases, help items, contracts, billing, and more come from Vector Solutions. Read the official press release.

2. Same Great Products.

The solutions you've known under the SafeSchools brand are part of the Vector Solutions family of products and solutions. You will continue to have access to the same great solutions and exciting new functionality releases. You can continue to expect the same great service level and your contract terms do not change.

3. Extended Capabilities.

You can now operate at the highest level with access to Vector's entire suite of solutions to help you manage and report training, credentials, incidents, hazards, schedules, shifts, and more. Contact your sales representative to learn more about Vector's full capabilities or learn more below.

Our K-12 Safety & Professional Growth Suite


Vector Training

Deliver and track safety, compliance, special education, and prevention training for staff and students.

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Vector PD Tracking

Schedule, manage, and track PD activities or events in one central online location.

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Vector Evaluations+

Automate and manage the teacher and staff evaluation process and access valuable insights.

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Vector SDS

Manage your SDS collections and chemical inventory online in our GHS-compliant system.

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Vector EHS

Easily record and analyze safety activities including incidents, hazards, inspections, corrective actions, and more.

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Vector LiveSafe

Stay connected and prevent crises before they occur with anonymous tip reporting.

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