How Virtual Reality Training Works for the Fire Service


Vector Solutions, with the help of Pasco County Fire Rescue (Fla.), created a new VR training video on smoke reading for TargetSolutions. Click here to access the dynamic training video.

While many people still think of virtual reality (VR) as a medium for entertainment, it is transforming industries with one of its most practical functions: training. Utilizing VR technology for fire service training enables firefighters to simulate actual scenarios they're likely to encounter.

How can virtual reality help fire departments leverage new learning methods while saving time and resources? Here’s a look at some of the advantages of VR training in firefighting.

How Virtual Reality Training Works for the Fire Service

While using VR training for firefighters is a fairly new concept, it's already being utilized. The technique can feature a set of VR goggles that let users experience simulated emergencies with a 360-degree view. VR systems can be attached to a computer so vital metrics such as reaction time can be measured.

The setup can be similar to many VR games designed for entertainment, in this case, trainees are gaining exposure and getting actual practice with firefighting techniques they'll be using in the field.

VR Training Benefits

Virtual reality has benefits for many types of training. Here are some of the key benefits of using VR training for firefighters.

  • A Safe Training Environment

One of the key advantages of VR for fire training is that it creates simulated emergencies without putting trainees in any real danger. Firefighters can get a sense of being in a very realistic situation and test their abilities without incurring any risk.

  • VR Training Can be Delivered Remotely

Traditionally, firefighter training had to be conducted in a specific location at a specific time. With VR and other computer-based training methods, however, this is no longer the case. As long as trainees have the appropriate equipment, they can undergo training from any location.

  • A Highly Visual Form of Learning

People generally learn better in a visual environment as opposed to simply reading a book or listening to a lecture. VR training creates visually stimulating and realistic scenarios that can be more engaging than traditional learning methods.

  • VR Brings Down the Cost of Training

Early models of VR systems tend to be costly. However, as the technology advances, it may become more affordable. In the case of firefighting, VR training like other online training products can reduce fuel costs and other expenses. It's possible that in the future VR training will be available to firefighters in locations all around the world.

  • VR Training Supports Better Retention

Because it's so realistic, VR training is likely to stay in trainees' minds and muscle memories for a long time. Whereas people are apt to forget something they heard, read or even watched on a screen, when they have a direct experience, it stays with them longer.

TargetSolutions’ New VR Training for Firefighters

TargetSolutions strives to deliver new, cutting-edge solutions that advance firefighter training. TargetSolutions' parent company, Vector Solutions, recently completed a Virtual Reality (VR) training video that teaches firefighters how to read smoke coming out of a burning building with a 360-degree view using the latest drone technology.

Pasco County Fire Rescue (Fla.) helped create this all-new VR training video. The department worked with Vector Solutions to close a city block in downtown Dade City, Fla., for the course's filming.

The training is shot in a two-story building using a Gear 360 camera to provide an immersive experience for firefighters. The final product will include a modernized course in which users interact with their computer or using a VR headset.

Click here to access this exciting new training course!

VR training in firefighting is still a novel concept, but one that has a great deal of promise for firefighters. If you’re looking for online training for your fire department, or have questions about new innovations for TargetSolutions, please contact us today!

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