TargetSolutions Platform Enhancement: Certificate Template Creation Tool



The all-new Certificate of Completion Template tool enables TargetSolutions platform managers to create and attach their own custom certificates to activities.

Part of TargetSolutions’ ongoing efforts to improve user experience brings the latest platform release: The Certificate Template Creation Tool. This enhancement makes platform managers’ lives a little easier by streamlining the creation and attachment of custom certificates to activities. Rather than requesting certificates from a TargetSolutions account manager, users with Activities Builder permissions can create their own template in just a few steps.

To guide users through each part of the process, TargetSolutions platform experts put together easy-to-follow instructions in the Help System.

Step-by-Step Guide:

  1. Access the Activities Builder in the left navigation bar in the TargetSolutions platform.
  2. Create a new activity or select an existing activity to edit.
  3. In the activity, check the “attach custom certificate of completion” box.
  4. Customize options such as the certificate text, name, organization details, signature image, and logo.
  5. Select a start date and set an (optional) end date.

Once a user has successfully added a new template, they’ll be able to select it from the certificate template drop-down menu.

Assign Signatures

When customizing a certificate, platform managers are also now able to add and save their own signatures for templates. They can either directly sign a signature box or upload a signature image. Once the corresponding information has been filled out and it’s been saved, the signature is then stored in the Signature Library for quick future access.

The new custom certification template tool in TargetSolutions give platform managers control of creating certificates of completion. To ensure a seamless experience, this helpful guide takes users through each step of the process.


For questions about the new custom certificate templates, please check TargetSolutions' online help system!

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