Submit an Entire Crew’s Performance Evaluations—in a Few Clicks

Submit an Entire Crew’s Performance Evaluations—in a Few Clicks

Vector Evaluations+ Introduces Crew-Wide Performance Evaluations

Streamline Job Performance Requirements for Canada

Firefighting requires a mastery of countless skills and competencies. This mastery requires countless hours of training and regular assessments to ensure skill proficiency and safe practices. While many of these skills can be tested and measured for each individual, there are countless others that are practiced and measured as a crew to more closely mimic live incidents, which require teamwork and cooperation.

As Simple as 1-2-3

Evaluations+ makes it easy to create and complete assessments for an entire crew—without having to submit individual evaluations or enter from paper skill sheets and hope every evaluation gets accounted for. Completing assessments for an entire crew is as simple as 1-2-3:

  1. select your skill sheet
  2. select your members
  3. assess the team’s performance.

Just like one-on-one evaluations, all the same great tools are available for crew evaluations, like in-app video recording and timers.

And since we know that crews succeed or fail as a collective unit, we’ve ensured the completed evaluation record will generate an identical evaluation for each team member. By ensuring every skill evaluation is recorded and tracked—in one place—leadership has a more complete view into each personnel’s competency and identify the need for additional training.

This new Crew Evaluation capability is available in our latest iOS and Android EV+ mobile app update.

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