City of Reno Utilizes TargetSolutions to Track License and Credential Renewals


The City of Reno has utilized TargetSolutions since 2014 to streamline training management and oversee employee compliance.

Home to more than 235,000 residents, the City of Reno, Nev., has relied on TargetSolutions’ online training management system since 2014. TargetSolutions’ powerful record tracking tools and convenient LMS allows the City of Reno to ensure compliance across its city departments and streamline employees’ training.

Lynn Adgett, Program Administrator for the City of Reno, has been with the city since it implemented TargetSolutions and praises the platform’s flexibility to deliver, document and report training for all employees.

Recordkeeping and Compliance Management

Before TargetSolutions, the City of Reno only utilized traditional methods, such as paper and Excel sheets, to document training hours. Without a centralized system for accessing and tracking training, paperwork for expiring licenses and certifications were difficult to manage.

The value of TargetSolutions’ online recordkeeping functionalities was blindingly apparent for Adgett when the city had a flood in 2017. To receive money from FEMA, her department had to prove they received FEMA-mandated training…which was administered prior to TargetSolutions and was never entered in the system.

After manually going through each employee’s paper files, Adgett realized 50 still needed training. With TargetSolutions, she was able to upload existing certifications and then create a credential for this training, assign it to personnel and track their progress.

“This has enabled us to have everything electronic, it’s saved out in the cloud. We have access to run reports, notifications to alerts us when things are coming due, or past due, and that helps us greatly with our records management.” Lynn Adgett, Program Assistant, City of Reno

Administering Training for New Hires and Career Development

The City of Reno utilizes TargetSolutions to administer training for their on-boarding process for new hires. Adgett highlighted the ability for new employees to self-assign courses in addition to the orientation training packages. She explained that when she shows employees their mandated training, that they can complete anytime, anywhere, she points out the self-assign training content that’s available 24/7.

“It’s really neat when you actually go and see someone’s history and you see all these things that they self-assigned,” Adgett explained. “They’re actually taking it seriously and they want to move up the ladder and they’re taking the initiative to do these things.”

Delivery of Policies and Custom Training Content

In addition to offering TargetSolutions’ comprehensive training course library, the City of Reno, particularly in the Public Works department, is able to use TargetSolutions to deliver and manage policies. Adgett noted the convenience of digitally providing policies to new hires; rather than in a long book or binder.

Adgett also claimed it’s easier to hold employees accountable with TargetSolutions’ e-signature functionality. Employees can easily verify that they understand the policy by checking a box and the City of Reno can better manage compliance.

Custom training content is also simple to provide through TargetSolutions. Adgett discussed the different training videos they’ve added into the platform – some of which was their own, and some that was provided by their different vendors.

The delivery of custom content is especially useful for employees working with equipment. “Particularly with equipment, where there’s a lot of controls and different things where they could easily forget, they could go and re-watch, self-assign, this training and get a good refresher,” Adgett said. “That’s where I think some of the new features, the micro-burst type training, would be great.”

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