Risk Management

Risk Management

April 20 2021

Is Your Organization Ready for the Challenges of Tomorrow?

There is more than one definition for operational readiness, but, here at Vector, we define the state of operational readiness as having the systems and solutions in place so that your organization can make safer, smarter, better decisions. Try as…

April 16 2021

Lone Workers Threats & Solutions

Particularly as organizations digitalize, the number of lone workers is on the rise -- and with it, the importance of ensuring lone worker safety. Lone workers are at increased risk for workplace accidents or emergencies, inadequate rest and breaks, and…

Whitepapers & Guides
April 15 2021

EMNS Buyer’s Guide

Health and safety events can quickly disrupt an organization’s operations and cause widespread confusion and fear. The most effective way to respond to these crises is by deploying an Emergency Mass Notification System (EMNS). Rapid, reliable broadcast notifications enable organizations to prevent, manage, and…

April 13 2021

Top 5 Safety Risks Facing Stadiums and Arenas

With thousands of employees and millions of patrons each year, modern stadiums, arenas, and convention centers encounter a variety of safety and security threats. Here, we outline the five most pressing challenges facing these venues and offer a free guide,…

April 7 2021

Mitigating Active Assailant Threats with Risk Intelligence

In 2021 thus far, there have been nearly 150 mass shootings in the United States. Although developing a response strategy is critical, it is equally important for organizations to have prevention strategies in place. Among other things, this requires an…

Press Releases
April 6 2021

Vector Solutions Unites Brands, Launches Single Dynamic Website to…

Transformation Accelerates Vector’s Mission to Make Customers Safer, Smarter, Better Tampa, FL - April 6, 2021 - Vector Solutions, the leading provider of software solutions for training, operational readiness, workforce management, and risk mitigation, has announced the launch of its…

March 31 2021

Introducing LiveSafe Alert

LiveSafe Alert was developed to address the growing need for effective, modern emergency notification system (ENS) platforms with critical features such as audience grouping, user geofencing, and message analytics. What is LiveSafe Alert? LiveSafe Alert is an emergency notification and…

March 26 2021

5 Ways to Use an ENS to Protect Your…

Emergency notification systems (ENSs) are a valuable component of effective prevention and preparedness strategies. ENS platforms enable organizations to keep their employees informed before, during, and after crises and can facilitate incident prevention and response. Here, we present five ways…

Success Stories
March 26 2021

Fashion Show Mall

On January 21, 2020, an assailant opened fire in the Fashion Show Mall, wounding his target and two innocent bystanders. The shots reverberated throughout the mall, sending shoppers and mall employees running for cover. Some found exits, while others sheltered…