Use e-Learning for Standard, Consistent Training Messages



We’re fans of “blended learning” solutions that make use of different types of training activities. This might include written documents, instructor-led training, on-the-job training (OJT), and more.

The idea is to pick the type of training activity that best suits each training need. For example, maybe you really need the real-time, spontaneous feedback that instructor-led training can provide for one training need. Or, maybe the hands-on practice in the real work environment with an experienced co-worker fits the bill for another training need.

When you’re choosing the right activity type, one thing to think about is “Does this allow me to deliver the same, consistent training message every time?” Something we hear again and again from new customers is that they struggle to deliver the same standard, consistent training message on a given topic to each worker, every time they hear the message.

You can see why this is important. For example, you may have a set of policies that you want to make all new employees aware of during their onboarding. Or, maybe you want each employee in the Production department to perform a particular procedure in the exact same way. Or, maybe you want to make sure the message in your yearly refresher training matches the message employees learned the first time they were trained.

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Why Instructor-Led Training Doesn’t Always Lead to a Standard, Consistent Training Message

As we mentioned earlier, instructor-led training is great for a lot of things.

But it’s not always so great for delivering the exact same training message time and time again. That’s true if only one instructor leads each training, and it’s even more true if you have multiple instructors training employees on the same topic.

What are some reasons why instructor-led training can lead to inconsistent training messages? Well, we’ll list a few below. And we wouldn’t be shocked if you could add some more on your own (hey, that’s what the “Comments” section at the bottom is for–feel free to add on).

  • Instructor misspeaks during training and accidentally says the wrong thing
  • Instructor forgets to mention something during training
  • Instructor doesn’t actually agree with the training message and goes “off-script” from time to time
  • Different instructors have different understandings of the same training materials and train employees differently as a result

We’re guessing at least one of these have happened at your workplace. If not, it’s probably easy enough for you to imagine that they could.

Use e-Learning Courses for Standard, Consistent Training Messages

On the other hand, one thing e-learning courses do very well is allow you to deliver the same training message to all of your employees every time they hear it. Let’s list a few reasons why below:

Did we miss anything? Let us know in the comments below.

Your Thoughts?

What are your experiences? Do you struggle to deliver the same training message to each of your employees? If so, why? And, what have you done to try to fix the problem? Did it work?

While we like e-learning for many reasons, including its ability to deliver a standard, consistent training message, we like other kinds of training too, and we think it’s best to deliver a blended learning solution. For more about blended learning, download the free guide below.




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