EMS Basic Airway Management, Cardiac Emergencies, and Patient Assessment Courses Updated and Restyled

TargetSolutions has updated three of its most popular EMS training courses with engaging content and new video-based lessons.

Between three of the most popular courses in TargetSolutions’ EMS Continuing Education catalog, EMS Basic Airway Management, EMS Cardiac Emergencies, and EMS Patient Assessment received over 30,000 completions in 2016.

Due to their popularity and value to new and veteran first responders, these one-hour training courses have been revised with refreshing content packed into visually enticing video-based lessons. As users progress through each video module, they are guided with audio narration and related images for a more engaging learning experience.

After completing each module, users are tested for comprehension with a one-question quiz and at the end of the course, must pass a brief exam. These tests reinforce crucial concepts and help first responders perform procedures during a call.

“Knowing these three EMS courses are some of our most highly utilized offerings, we’ve completely restyled and updated our content. The learning objectives in each course, such as basic airway management, are comprehensive and are perfect for both new first responders and veterans looking for a refresher.”

Bryan Fitzgerald, Content Manager, TargetSolutions

EMS Airway Management Basic recalls the anatomy of the respiratory system for EMT personnel to identify signs of inadequate breathing. This basic airway management course covers the steps to safely clear an obstructed patient’s airway as soon as possible.

EMS Cardiac Emergencies Basic highlights the signs of cardiac arrest and how to properly use an automated external defibrillator (AED). As half of the 600,000 annual deaths from cardiovascular diseases occur before patients reach the hospital, immediate and correct defibrillation is crucial.

EMS Patient Assessment Basic lays the foundation for determining a scene’s safety and recognizing symptoms of an abnormal condition in a patient. Based on the assessments, personnel will be able to perform the appropriate tests and identify changing conditions throughout the interaction.

These courses provide an overview to essential practices for first responders. Users will understand basic airway management, how to properly use an AED, and analyze patients’ conditions. Utilizing these skills will reduce mistakes in time sensitive situations and increase patients’ chances of survival.

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