New EMS Continuing Education Training: EMS Grey Area Calls


In the prehospital setting, not every patient presents in the same uniform textbook manner. They may not necessarily follow the prescribed rules of “patient presentation.” This “grey area” drives the discussion in TargetSolutions’ all-new course for EMS continuing education: EMS Grey Area Calls.

EMS Grey Area Calls utilizes evidence-based research and up-to-date data to help bring confidence in forming a solid clinical impression from a previous grey-area patient during the first impression and assessments that follow. Through video-based lessons and an on-screen presenter, this course offers insight into many aspects of fire rescue and EMS encounters.

EMS Grey Area Calls Course Overview

Geared towards paramedics and advanced-level EMS providers, this course gives an in-depth look at grey-areas that can come up during patient assessment that require a fast, clinical opinion. This includes interpreting symptoms from observation and patients’ descriptions and the reevaluations that follow the initial assessment.

Using a live presenter, custom videos and scenarios, this course addresses cases where performing an assessment and making a decision can be challenging.

Comprehensive course modules cover a range of common symptoms and vital signs that can indicate different conditions so personnel can practice identifying warning signs. Study exercises are also used throughout the course to reinforce key lessons and ensure personnel can make the right calls based on presented evidence.

Course Objectives

Upon successful completion of EMS Grey Area Calls, the learner will demonstrate competencies in the following objectives:

  • Differentiate between similar patient presentations to isolate possible conditions that will require prehospital intervention(s), medical monitoring, and transport to an emergency department
  • Evaluate vital signs and physical and instrumentation findings to form a clinical impression.
  • Select the correct emergency treatments and interventions for the patient
  • Measure patient outcomes to support clinical decisions

Please note, accreditation is still pending in Pennsylvania and Idaho. For questions about EMS Grey Area Calls, or TargetSolutions’ EMS course catalog, please contact us today (800) 840-8048!

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