Goodwill Industries of San Diego County Sees Decrease in Accidents After Using TargetSolutions Online Safety Training Courses


Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is part of a network of autonomous corporations that operate under the Goodwill name in the United States. The organization's mission is to get people with disabilities and other barriers to find work by developing their skills through training.

Since November of 2011, the Goodwill in San Diego has looked to TargetSolutions for managing organizational training and communicating efficiently with supervisors across all departments. The organization utilizes money generated from the sale of donated goods to hire and train employees with disabilities.

"What really helps Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is the number of courses," Asset Protection Director Marco Guizar said of TargetSolutions' online safety training courses.

"The library of courses that is offered clearly falls into the training that we do in-house, as well. TargetSolutions' courses also correlate well with the training that we hand down to our department supervisors."

Goodwill Industries of San Diego County is audited by Commission on Accreditation of Rehabilitation Facilities, which mandates specific training by corporations to demonstrate quality, transparency and commitment to the satisfaction of those being served.

For Goodwill, access to TargetSolutions' online course catalog, which features OSHA & Compliance and Driver Safety Training, allows it to remain compliant with CARF employment standards. Courses mandated by CARF are easily recorded as completions within each supervisor's file and can be quickly organized into reports for audits.

Aside from remaining compliant with auditing regulations, Guizar notes that Goodwill utilizes many of TargetSolutions' courses purely to benefit the training and development of exceptional employee work habits.

For example, within the Fleet Department, Goodwill assigns a number of the courses to maintain and develop well-trained drivers. The implementation of driver safety training increases overall awareness of vehicle operation standards and safety regulations. In the past, Goodwill Industries of San Diego County was averaging approximately four accidents within a three-month span yielding an estimated 16 accidents per year.

"We feel that the ability to raise awareness among our Fleet Department and easily train our drivers has played a part in decreasing the number of accidents," Guizar said. "By increasing the diligence in our training and increasing awareness, our Fleet Department is now down to averaging only four to five accidents per year."

With the ability to attach policies and procedures within courses, such as "Reasonable Suspicion of Alcohol and Drugs," "Ethics in the Workplace" and "Bloodborne Pathogens," employees and supervisors are provided guidance for important tasks and operations in each department.

"For the courses that are more generic to a business, we like to attach our policies and procedures so that the training includes our organization's specifications, as well," Guizar said. "When it comes to training management, TargetSolutions has been a great benefit to us.

"The platform has been a great way to reach out to the masses because it is difficult to congregate all supervisors in one area, and with TargetSolutions we are able to assign courses and they can do them at home if they wish. TargetSolutions has just been a great benefit to our organization and we are really thankful that we have the platform!"

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