Introducing the SafeSchools Alert Mobile App – Easily and Anonymously Report Tips

Introducing the SafeSchools Alert Mobile App – Easily and Anonymously Report Tips

Students often know what's happening in your district before you do. The SafeSchools Alert Mobile App makes it easy to stay connected to your school community so you can prevent serious safety incidents before they occur.

Using the app, free to download on iOS and Android with a SafeSchools Alert System subscription, students and adults can submit safety tips 24/7 to alert school officials about bullying, harassment, mental health concerns, and threats of violence. The convenient app makes it easy to keep track of all tips submitted, and push notifications let tipsters know when a reply has been sent to their tip and tracks all communication.

The SafeSchools Alert System automates many of the steps involved in tip resolution and allows administrators to easily delegate tips to colleagues who can investigate and manage tips to resolution. Administrative reports make it simple to monitor safety trends by victim, offender, building, and incident type.

Complimentary promotional materials such as fliers, posters, parent letters, and student handbook copy make it easy to communicate this potentially life-saving tool to your entire school community.

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Together, using SafeSchools Alert, we can help to make your school community an even safer place to work and learn. For more information or a free trial of SafeSchools Alert, please contact us at 1-800-434-0154, [email protected], or

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