ISO Training “Starter Kit” Built to Meet ISO Standards

ISO Training “Starter Kit” Built to Meet ISO Standards

Set your department up to achieve the coveted Class 1 ISO rating with an ISO Training Tracker "Starter Kit" created by industry experts. This pre-built bundle of courses and activities is designed around ISO standards to help your department get every possible point on your next ISO audit. Available on Vector Solutions' online training platform, Vector LMS, your department can quickly and easily assign one credential to personnel based on their position and have confidence that you are delivering, tracking, and reporting on the right training to meet ISO benchmarks.

It can be stressful when the ISO auditor is knocking on your door to evaluate your department's training program.

  • Did your firefighters complete the right training?
  • Are your training records complete and accurate?
  • Can you quickly and easily provide the requested training documentation?

With the ISO Training Tracker's digital recordkeeping system that automatically delivers accredited online training courses and activities, tracks completions, and creates a detailed report structured for ISO, you can take the guesswork out of preparing for your next ISO audit.

Ready-Made ISO Credential Structured to Meet Training Benchmarks

LMS Training Platform Tracking and ReportingThe "Starter Kit" comes organized by position (Driver, Firefighter, and Officer) and by the 5 training topics ISO evaluates: Driver Operator, Officer Training, Hazardous Materials, Company Training, and Facility Training. Each topic details the number of training hours required to meet ISO standards and is pre-loaded with relevant training courses and activities to reach those hours.

The Facilities Training category is especially important as it holds the most weight, accounting for 1/3 of the training points on the ISO grading scale. The ISO "Starter Kit" Facility Training topic makes documenting live skill training sessions simple by capturing the information required by ISO, including training objectives, the completion date, duration, instructor, location, and an open text box to input training details.

Centralized Electronic Recordkeeping Makes ISO Reporting Easy

Online Training ReportsSupervisors can instantly see where an individual is within the ISO Credential by clicking the gear icon in the Users section and selecting the paper icon under Actions next to the user's name to open the Credential Summary Report. This printer-friendly summary provides an informative real-time snapshot of required, applied, needed, and completed hours by topic, detailing the user's position, and start and end dates.

The Credential start and end dates are set by a Vector LMS Administrator, with the ability to easily batch reset all users' start and expiration dates at one time at the start of the next training year. In addition, all previous completions will be stored in the user's History and can be accessed through a Completions Report as needed.

ISO Training Tracker Structure

  • Company Training - 192 hours per year
    • Includes NFPA 1001/1410 courses and related activities
  • Driver Operator - 12 hours per year (for anyone qualified/engineer who isn't an officer)
    • Includes NFPA 1002, Fleet Program, Driver Safety, Pumper, New Driver Operator, Aerial, and EVOC courses and related activities
  • Officer Training - 12 hours per year (for all officers that respond on a first alarm)
    • Includes NFPA 1 & 101/1021/1041, NIMS IS/ICS, and Fire Safety Planning and Prevention courses and related activities
  • Hazardous Materials - 6 hours per year
    • Includes NFPA 1500, Advanced HAZWOPER, Awareness, HAZMAT, and First Responder Ops courses and related activities
  • Facility Training - 18 hours per year (Documentation of training conducted at a Training Facility to meet ISO Requirements)
    • Includes Company Evolutions, NFPA 1410; Driver/Operator, NFPA 1002; Fire Officer, NFPA 1021; Firefighting Skills, NFPA 1001; Hazardous Materials, NFPA 472; Live Fire, NFPA 1403; and Other NFPA Fire Based Training

ISO Background

The Insurance Services Office (ISO) regularly conducts evaluations around the quality of public fire protection in more than 39,000 areas across the U.S., assigning a 1 to 10 Public Protection Classification (PPC) score, with the Class 1 rating reserved for superior fire protection based on ISO benchmarks. This objective, countrywide standard influences insurance premiums and helps departments with planning and budgeting for facilities, equipment, and training.

Get a headstart on your next ISO audit! Ask your Client Success Manager to add the ISO Training Tracker to your site or request a demo to see how Vector LMS and the ISO "Starter Kit" can improve outcomes at your department.

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