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May 22, 2024

Tackle Your Officer Shortage Head-On with Vector Scheduling


Law Enforcement


Vector Scheduling

Paper schedules and excel spreadsheets can’t keep up with the intricate scheduling challenges today’s law enforcement agencies face. Whether your officers are at the station, on patrol, or at home, they need to be able to access scheduling information in real-time at all hours of the day and from anywhere.

While scheduling software can’t fix your staffing issues overnight, it can alleviate the administrative burdens associated with short staffing and help your police agency meet the needs of your community, despite being short of officers.

Watch former law enforcement officers and Vector’s Solution Engineers for a short presentation on how to use Vector Scheduling to help you efficiently fill open shifts, modernize your shift scheduling process, manage schedules from anywhere, and access reports and insights.

They covered how to:

  • Ensure coverage across shifts and skill sets
  • Streamline employee scheduling
  • Manage backfill & time off
  • Utilize reports to find trends

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