Leverage ISO Resources to Achieve a Class 1 Rating

Leverage ISO Resources to Achieve a Class 1 Rating

Acing your department's next ISO review will take thoughtful consideration and careful planning to ensure you get every point possible. The good news is that you don't have to tackle this enormous and complex task alone.

With less than 1% of approximately 30,000 fire departments in the U.S. rated Class 1, what can your department do to be one of them? Get on the fast track to being a top-rated department by leveraging our industry experts and powerful technology built for ISO.

Below are 3 essential resources to help your department close the gap and achieve the coveted Class 1 ISO rating.

Ask the Expert: Advice from an ISO Training Expert

Tim Riley, retired Division Chief of Training and current Solutions Engineer at Vector Solutions, recently shared his 30-years of experience in the fire service and expert knowledge on ISO in a discussion on the importance of a strong ISO ranking with Firehouse.

Read the Q&A for Tim's expert insights on these compelling ISO questions:

  • Why should fire departments care about the ISO rating?
  • How does it change the way fire departments do business?
  • What's the greatest misconception about ISO?
  • Are there "low-hanging fruit" ISO points that departments must get?
  • What is Tim’s best advice for rural and suburban departments looking to improve their ISO ratings?
  • What are the most common mistakes fire departments make regarding ISO?
  • How far out should fire departments begin planning for the next ISO review?
  • What can departments do if they disagree with the ISO rating?
  • What changes would you like to see ISO make and how likely is that to happen?

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ISO Training Tracker "Starter Kit"

Knowing what is evaluated and staying organized are essential to getting every ISO point available. Save your department countless hours of admin time and get priceless peace of mind by ensuring all your training records are complete and in one place with a pre-built bundle of training tasks designed specifically to meet ISO's standards.

With the ISO Training Tracker, available in the Vector LMS training management system, your training officers can assign one taskbook to members based on their position and capture every piece of training required by ISO with total insight into completion progress, ensuring everyone stays on track.

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BONUS: Watch this short video to see for yourself how easy tracking ISO training is with the ISO Training Tracker.

Whitepaper: How to Improve Your ISO Ranking and Why It Matters

The three letters that strike fear in fire chiefs are not IRS but ISO because they understand that, like an IRS audit, a poor ISO review has tangible consequences. As daunting and detailed as an ISO review is, the reasoning behind its scrupulous evaluation is that, despite fire suppression and prevention efforts, fire still causes the most loss to homes and businesses.

This insightful whitepaper examines critical components of ISO's review process, inside and outside the scope of control of a fire department, and provides actionable steps for maximizing your points.

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Regardless of how many ISO reviews you've been through, notice of an upcoming audit can be unnerving. Set your department up for success at your next evaluation and impress your auditor by following the tips and tactics provided in these helpful ISO resources.

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