White Paper: How to Improve Your ISO Ranking and Why It Matters

Fire Service Industry Insight and Strategies to Help You Achieve a High ISO Ranking

Like a tax audit, an ISO audit peeks under all the rocks to expose the department’s creepy-crawlies that live in dark forgotten spaces. Like the tax audit, a poor ISO review has tangible consequences. But unlike the somewhat random IRS summons, fire chiefs know an ISO audit is coming and they have three to four years to prepare for it. And unlike the tax audit, a positive ISO rating has tangible benefits for the fire department and the community it serves. 

Struggling to piece together spreadsheets, searching for records, and deciphering what training meets what requirements when preparing for an ISO audit can be daunting and time-consuming. Fortunately, Vector Solutions' online training management system offers a better way to help you execute an effective ISO training management strategy for tracking and reporting ISO training hours.

Read this white paper to learn exactly why your agency's ISO ranking is important and what you can do to help improve it.

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