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National Manufacturing Day: October 6, 2023




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Vector Solutions is pleased to announce that we are proudly endorsing National Manufacturing Day on October 6, 2023. This month, we look forward to joining forces with the National Association of Manufacturers to honor the hardworking manufacturing employees who contribute to our safety, produce essential goods, foster economic growth, and create countless opportunities for our communities.

Celebrating National Manufacturing Day

Manufacturing Day is the industry’s biggest opportunity for uniting to address collective challenges, while also highlighting the influence manufacturers have on their communities. It’s a day that inspires and attracts the next generation of talented workers, who are vital for the future of the industry.

The skills gap in the manufacturing industry has become a significant challenge in recent years. In the National Association of Manufacturers Q2 2023 Manufacturers’ Outlook Survey, more than 72% of manufacturers surveyed cited the inability to attract and retain employees as their business’s primary challenge. Manufacturing Day provides a valuable opportunity to introduce effective manufacturing training programs, apprenticeships, and career paths for current and prospective employees. By showcasing these opportunities, manufacturing companies can help individuals unlock the skills and qualifications needed to succeed in manufacturing careers.

The U.S. manufacturing industry continues to flourish and on National Manufacturing Day, firms can take a moment to appreciate their impact while looking forward to new challenges and working with those inside and outside the sector to address them. After all, when our manufacturing base is strong, our entire economy is strong.

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As manufacturers work towards filling 4 million high-skill, high-tech, and high-paying jobs in the next decade, investing in your workforce’s manufacturing training and skill development is essential for both attracting new talent and retaining and upskilling current employees. Vector Solutions is here to help your manufacturing facility provide access to the courses, training materials, and resources that will keep your skilled workers Safer. Smarter. Better.

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