Vector Evaluations+: The Complete Solution for Recording and Assessing Live Skill Demonstrations


Live skill demonstrations are essential to any department’s training program. Vector Evaluations+ is an all-new mobile application that allows public safety agencies to record, assess, and track live skill demonstrations.

With an online library of pre-built skill sheets and customizable evaluation options, Vector Evaluations+ outperforms any paper or other offline evaluation. This powerful tool, which is scheduled for release and purchase in June, allows agencies to assess and track performance goals while also reducing liability with an accurate, easily accessible account of every member’s competencies.

Evaluate and Review Live Skill Demonstrations with a Dynamic Mobile App

Using Vector Evaluations+, evaluators can record an individual’s performance by capturing in-app videos. Video documentation ensures your agency has an accurate log of proficiencies and can refer back to them as needed.

For example, an individual can rewatch their skill evaluation and receive feedback via video annotations or one-on-one with their training officer. By using video, the individual can become more self-aware and improve their future performance.

To confirm a skill assessment has been completed, this system allows both parties to provide eSignatures. Keeping this on file not only verifies that an evaluation took place, but it also increases transparency and reduces the risk of a discrepancy.

Assess Abilities for Professional Growth

As a talent management solution, Vector Evaluations+ helps agencies better monitor skillsets and use this information for organizational decisions. Depending on the skillset, you can use answer fields such as pass/fail, multiple choice, a sliding scale, or fill-in answers.

Departments can then use these custom skill sheets to identify trends, address areas for improvement, or determine readiness for career growth. Digital records and videos allow decision-makers to visualize the abilities of probationary personnel or analyze an employee up promotion.

Integration with the TargetSolutions LMS

Vector Evaluations+ is integrated with TargetSolutions’ web-based learning management system (LMS). By incorporating live skill assessments in your training program, your department will have a better overview of members’ training progress.

Adding skill sheets to Credentials lets personnel track their progress to fulfilling task books – including all relevant online training, activities, and skill demonstrations. With this, you can require all live skill evaluations to be documented and signed off for a task book to be completed.

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