Webinar Recap: The ABCs of Managing Risk for K-12 Schools

Webinar Recap: The ABCs of Managing Risk for K-12 Schools

In October 2021, the Vector Solutions K-12 Education team hosted a webinar titled The ABCs of Managing Risk for K-12 Schools, presented in partnership with the TASB Risk Management Fund. In this webinar, our presenter Charles Hueter shared best practices for effective school risk management programs that help proactively uncover potential causes of loss and control their impact.

Charles Hueter is a Risk Solutions Consultant for TASB Risk Management Fund and works with schools and other organizations across Texas.

The webinar included the following helpful information and resources:

  • A definition of what a risk management program for K-12 schools is designed to do and an exploration of the components included in an effective risk management program.
  • A discussion on the types of input and output data utilized in a risk management program, common data sources, and why accessing and analyzing data is critical to understanding risk in your organization.
  • A review of common risk management blunders, including undervaluing the risk management program, not placing a priority on consistent training, and more.
  • Strategies for building buy-in and support for the risk management program across your district.
  • An explanation of the important role vendors play in your risk management program, tips for evaluating vendors, and strategies for maintaining healthy vendor relationships.

In addition to the resources and strategies shared by Charles, the webinar also included a brief introduction to Vector Solutions’ online staff training courses for K-12 schools focused on safety, compliance and prevention, and an overview of the Vector EHS Management System for tracking, managing, and analyzing incidents, hazards, and more.

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