The ABCs of Managing Risk for K-12 Schools

Webinar Overview


Schools have repeatedly pivoted to provide a quality education despite the pandemic’s evolving challenges. Meanwhile, perennial risks such as security breaches, severe weather, workplace accidents, and cyberattacks continue to threaten your resources and undermine your mission.

If you’re ready to proactively uncover potential causes of loss and control their impact, invest in a risk management program.

What you will learn in this webinar:

  • Identify gaps in existing risk management programs
  • Leverage the power of data to pinpoint improvement opportunities
  • Engage management in your initiatives
  • Cultivate healthy vendor relationships

Presented in partnership with the TASB Risk Management Fund.


Hueter Charles Headshot
Charles Hueter

Risk Solutions Consultant
TASB Risk Management Fund

Charles Hueter has been a Risk Solutions Consultant since 2012 and works with Fund members in Central and West Texas.  His responsibilities include surveying worksites for hazards and conducting safety training with school staff. He has worked for TASB Risk Management Services since 2000 and has a bachelor’s degree in communications from St. Edward’s University.

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