Season 2, Episode 20: Active Shooter Prevention & Mitigation

Season 2, Episode 20: Active Shooter Prevention & Mitigation

DAN VERTON, Director of Content & Branding

The mass shooting last week at a municipal office building in Virginia Beach was the 148th active shooter incident in the U.S. so far this year. And while the names, locations and numbers of victims changes with each new act of violence, the nation’s reaction remains predictable: Condolences and prayers are followed quickly by calls for gun control and the same hollow analysis that pins the motive behind these incidents on a fracture in societal norms.

The reality is this: We can’t wait for gun control or the great sweep of societal transformation. Something has to be done differently right now.

On this episode of The Prevention Podcast, homeland security and intelligence training expert Dan Verton talks with Vince Sapina, a gun violence reduction advocate who specializes in gunshot detection technologies about a new approach to the problem that focuses on prevention and mitigation.

Prevention education and technologies work. But when even that isn’t enough, new technological approaches to mitigation and response can shave valuable seconds off of the time it takes to notify first responders. This is our best chance to save lives in the face of government and societal gridlock on confronting the problem of gun violence.

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